For being a creative bunch, well, they aren't thinking very creatively...


You can never quite get a handle on what to expect from the veggie group.

SEI's new lines of paper are, for the most part, taking a hit from the peas on this thread. Very few people seem to like the newest offerings from SEI...three paper lines called Fruit Stand, Kaboom and Spring (although most peas didn't comment on Spring.)

Peas are generally well-endowed when it comes to thinking creatively. Most are up for the challenge of pushing the scrapbooking envelope...and do it regularly. I guess that's why I was somewhat surprised to see so many peas claiming they can't see the value of thes two paper lines.

I, for one, think that both lines are pretty cool. Very SEI-ish. SEI is, afterall, known for living on the edge. They were linear before linear became hot. I like that SEI is growing and experimenting with fun designs as well as continuing their lofty traditions of stripes, circles and linear designs.

Kaboom is brown-based...I love anything brown lately. How very 1972 is that? I happen to think 1972 was an excellent year...LOL!

Fruit Stand is different from anything else we've seen lately. It almost has a stamped feel to it. The colors are good and I think it will have as many card uses as scrapbook uses. The stamp companies (PSX, Hero, Stampin' Up and Close to my Heart) have been offering a variety of fruity stamps for many years. I'm glad to see fruity paper coming around finally.

I think it's all in how you look at new paper. The SEI website shows some cool layouts using their new products. I hope that sparks something. I, for one, can't wait to try my hand at Fruit Stand and Kaboom.

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Carla said...

First, thanks so much for providing links. I am much to lazy to find SEI paper on my own :) I LOVE the Kaboom! Can't wait to get it myself!