Doris Made Me Do It!

“* embrace your scrapping "vices" and find your "style"...”

Above is a Tuesday Tip from Doris …”embrace your scrapping vices”! Indeed! Now there’s a concept I can get into! I have no trouble at all defining my scrapbooking standards! Some call it a rut, I call it knowing what I like and having a well-defined personal style. :)

Here’s my list of scrapbooking vices:

  • ribbon, of course
  • striped paper
  • torn and/or inked edges
  • brads
  • almost never anything crooked or at an angle
  • prominently-featured journaling
  • less than 3 photos, usually just one
  • tags (different shapes and sizes)
  • odd or at least attention-grabbing, not-the-obvious titles
  • texture…especially thru textiles ie ribbons, fabrics and threads
  • poetry or quotes
  • hand journaling on vellum
  • squares
  • stamping
  • things in threes
  • lots of blues and reds
  • not enough flowers for my liking
  • Bazzill textured cardstock
  • not many traditional events
  • use of songs (lyrics and/or titles)

Here are three things I’d like to use more of and add into my “standards”:

  • more photos of myself (I know, how vain…but there really aren’t that many)
  • better photos, in general
  • more sewing (by hand or by machine)

So, tell me, what are your scrapping vices and what would you like to do more of?


Anonymous said...

I almost could have written your post as mine....except I will do things at an angle....but mine is almost identical to yours!

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry that was from me...
Lisa S.

TracieClaiborne said...

So where'd ya snag that Christina Cole paper? I'm there!

Sarah said...

Christina Cole papers found online at I'm holding off buying until I can get it locally. However, if you do shop online, CP has flat-rate $3.99 shipping. The galleries there are awesome too.