So Not Me

This is so not me. I rarely carry a purse. And certainly not a pink one. And even more certainly not one that cost more than about $20.

But I've been bitten. I love this bag. It's a Harvey's Authentic Seatbelt Bag. It's made of pink woven seatbelt and lined in pink flight-suit satin (um, can you imagine the flight suit that was supposed to be made of this satin?).

It's adorable. It's girlish and cute without being fragile. I like the black version too, but the pink one is *it*. It's not me at all...but it could be, right?

This is the kind of outrageous creativity that I want. When you look at a seatbelt, so you see a purse? I certainly don't. Maybe that's why I like it so much.


Hilary said...

K, I totally have thoughts like that too (just clikced on your blog while wasting time at 2P's -- not a stalker, really)... but I am NOT a pink person, but sometimes I look at those purses (I am often attracted to buckles) and think -- WOW, I NEEEEd that... but I don't. I'm dealing with myself. :)

Sabrina said...

Did you see the limited editon pink and brown one? It is sold out but sooooo cute!

BeckyD said...

CUTE!!! It is not me either, but it is darn cute. I just ordered a hand made purse from a friend it is pink and brown strips. Cute, but not me so I'm not sure why I'm having he make it. LOL