Keeping it Simple!

Tags, Ribbon, Brads and Bazzill...keeping my cards simple and sweet these days. I found this little tiny embroidered flower in a pot patch in the discount bin at Hancock's Fabrics last year. Bought three. Wish I had bought a bunch more. They are just adorable.

We had the most amazing day today. It was our first field trip of the year! We went with some friends from the Bellevue Home School group to the Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills Mall. It was grand! Inside the restaurant is a huge fish tank that is 11 to 14 feet deep and home to all sorts of fish and sharks and eels and stingrays. Visitors get to walk all the way around the massive tank, observing the creatures inside. Twice daily, a diver enters the tank to swim with it's inhabitants and feed them. Ju was as fascinated by the diver and his gear as he was by the fish!

I'm getting my photos from the day's adventures done tomorrow...I'll post more on this on Saturday. Very cool! If you are in Nashville, check it out!


Leigh Ann said...

Gorgeous card!

I haven't heard of that it new? We've been meaning to take Brandon to the Chattanooga aquarium for months but never seem to find the time. This sounds like a great local alternative. A mini-adventure. Thanks for sharing!

TracieClaiborne said...

Hey! That sounds fun! I am looking for some field trip ideas to fill in holes on my calendar. Do you have to make an appt? Did you eat there too or just look? I need to e-mail you or you can e-mail me your answers. Thanks!