It Must be a Boy Thang

My bloggin’ buddy Becky D posted an entry today that reminded me of something similar that happened in our house. Go read her blog…she’s a funny girl.

A while back, I went to pour G a cup of milk and I noticed that it seemed chunky in the bottle, given the way it swished around. Smelled it…no, it wasn’t “that” kindof chucky, so I figured it was just a little frozen.

I should know by now to never assume that the most logical explanation is the actual truth…when you live with boys, Occam’s Razor does not apply.

So I poured his milk, assembled the cup and returned the “frozen” milk to the refrigerator.

Later on that night, I went back to the refrigerator to get more milk. It was still frozen. Only this time, there was less in there and it felt different.

Investigate further.

Two quarters, three nickels, a dime and three pennies.

Yes, that’s right. There was seventy eight cents in the bottom of the milk jug.

“Why?” you ask.

Well, believe you me, I asked every person under five feet tall in the house, “Why is there seventy eight cents in the bottom of the milk jug?”

G just laughed and asked for his milk.

Ju says “I dunno.” He looks guilty.

“Did you put the seventy eight cents in the milk jug?”




“You realize that money is dirty and now we have to pour out the rest of the milk?”

“Can I have my money back?”

“No. I don’t think so.”



I’m just curious. At what point does one decide “I think I’ll put my money in the milk jug.”? If someone could just explain this…

It must be a “boy thang” to put oddness in the refrigerator.

Thanks Becky. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who is amused and amazed at these creatures called boys.

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BeckyD said...

Oh my! LOLOLOL I feel better knowing my boys aren't mutant freaks. LOL

Sometimes I wish I could jump into their mind and see how it works. It has to be an interesting place.