One Drawer per Day

It's August 27...but I'm declaring a new resolution. Either I'm incredibly late for last new year's or stunningly early for the next one. Oh well. Here it is:

I, Sarah,
do solemly promise
to clean out
one single drawer
every day
until I feel organized again.

Seriously. The drawers have gotten out of control around here. I spend too much time looking for things.

Divide and Conquer!!

On a unrelated note, I found out this morning that there's going to be a FREE Chris Rice Concert on September 1 at Opry Mills. I can not wait! He has a new CD coming out and this is part of the pre-release publicity. How cool is that? I was shocked when I saw it listed...Nashville is almost always woefully overlooked for concerts...which I think is totally stupid...


Jennifer Lynn said...

That is totally a GREAT way to get organized. Baby steps!

TracieClaiborne said...

We're twinkies! I also decided last night that I need to organize my drawers one at a time!