Post-its of Wisdom {or Contrasts and Contradictions}

I’m not a pearls kinda girl.
I’m more of a Post-its kinda girl.
So we are going to call this “Post-its” of wisdom.

Post-it One:
Did anyone notice that it was hot today? Hmm. Yeah. 90 something degrees. You know you are in the south when the “humidity index” is announced at the same time as the temperature.

“Currently, it’s a smoldering 96 degrees outside, with the humidity index of one hundred and three.”

And if you happen to be outside when you hear this information…you look at the radio and say “Duh”.

I spent most of my growing up years in central Mississippi. You don’t know hot and icky until you’ve been there in mid-August. It rains almost every day for about 15 minutes. The rain hitting the pavement creates steam hot enough to cook veggies. There’s a reason the people in Mississippi move slower than the rest of the population. It’s because of August. In August, you sweat in the shower. Mississippians loose a whole month because it’s so darn hot you just don’t want to move. Humidity clogs up the brain and makes work of mundane tasks such as blinking. Tennessee has a little humidity, yes, but it’s not the same. Heat tolerance is about the only good thing that came from growing up a Mississippi girl.

August is also the reason that sweet tea should be served in Mason jars…or at the very least, a glass glass. Sweet tea in a plastic or Styrofoam cup should be criminal. Plastic just doesn’t have the same effect when placed against the forehead in August. It’s just wrong.

Post-it Two:
I had some friends over Friday night to crop…tho we don’t usually get much actual cropping done. We were discussing blogs and I arrived at this conclusion: People who have nothing more to talk about in their blog space than the weather really bug me. Really. Work the kinks out of the brain cells, surf around a bit until you can come up with something interesting to discuss other than the weather. We all have weather. We all know about the weather. It’s July/August. It’s likely hot wherever you are.

Yes, it’s your blog and you can write about whatever you want…but don’t expect me to read about the weather. Unless maybe you are vacationing in some exotic tropical locale.

BTW, thanks for continuing to read my hum-drum about the weather in Post-it One. You are a better blog-reader than me. That will, I promise, be the one and only time I ever mention the weather on my little blog space. (Now you see what I mean about "Contradictions"!)

Post-it Three:
I don’t, as a rule, gush over famous people. Celebrity holds very little appeal to me. In fact, celebrity status often annoys me. I prefer realness over image. People are people...What’s that quote about being famous? Something like “Being famous doesn’t make you special. Being special makes you special.”

For example, you won’t see me linking my blog to 42 celebrity scrapping blogs—the same 42 blogs that every other blog is linked to. It’s a “thing” with me. Probably a “thing” that could use some counseling over…but a “thing” nonetheless. I like my real-life friends and some pea-scrapbookers I truly admire (some published, some not), without regard to their status in the industry.

This is probably also the reason that I don’t like much popular music. I prefer artists who make me think rather than just give me a half-baked, backwards-rhyming lyric that sticks in my head. Give me substance over a pretty face any day. There’s grittiness and realness to artists who haven’t “made it” professionally. Polish and seamlessness doesn’t work for me. Give me George Canyon over Garth Brooks…any day of the week.

But I digress…

Given my general lack of admiration for celebrity, just for the sake of celebrity-status, it may surprise you to know that I’m sold hook, line and sinker for one of the hottest names in scrapbooking right now--a new author named Donna Downey. DD just may be among the coolest chicks on the planet. I know some pretty cool people in real life…and I don’t really know her other than by her work…but still, I’m pretty sure if I had the chance to know her, she’d make my “too-cool-for-school” list.

Here’s why! In the dedication of her book “Photo Décor” (published by Simple Scrapbooks) she wrote this:

“The best ideas are those spoken freely, impulsively, and bounced around amongst friends.”

Everyone needs a friend with whom you can share your ideas freely without wondering if that person thinks you’ve lost it. Generosity and honesty are qualities I look for in friends and are the same qualities I want to have with my friends. If I can’t trust you with my ideas (and vice versa), how can you call me a friend?

But wait. There’s another Post it of Wisdom from Donna’s other book, “Creative Albums”:

“Consider this your chance to cut loose. Have fun, be creative, go wild. Drive your family crazy. Change, alter, or modify these projects to suit your whims. But above all, these scrapbooks are meant to be displayed and handled often. They invite people to touch and look through them, and that’s the best part. These aren’t museum displays—they should be dog-eared, threadbare, banged up and well-worn after six months. If they’re not, you should be inviting more people over for a visit.”

Now there is an idea I can really latch on to. I live with boys. Boys = dirt. Why didn’t I think of this? Dirty hands are a part of my real life. A very big part. So here’s my new motto: “A well-worn scrapbook is a well-loved scrapbook.”

Post-it Four:
I’ve heard this song a thousand times but today I really heard it, as if for the first time.

Silently Going Under
Words and Music by Wes King and Mitch King

Silently going under
Quietly going down
Longing for shallow water
Desperate for solid ground

She once went to parties
Played Ken and Barbies
And the flag was red, white and blue
Her mom bought her dresses
Cleaned up her messes
And some things she never outgrew
But she knew what she wanted to do

She’s silently going under
Quietly going down
Longing for shallow water
Desperate for solid ground

Now the picture has faded
And bright hues have shaded
And she wonders what was it she knew
The TV’s persuading
And she’s hesitating
For someone to help her get through
As of now she hasn’t a clue

She’s silently going under
Quietly going down
Longing for shallow water
Desperate for solid ground
Jesus said my yoke is easy
And my burden is light

He quietly reaches under
Graciously reaches down
He pulls you to shallow water
Puts you on solid ground

If you’re silently going under
He’ll put you on solid ground
If you’re silently going under
Let Him put you on solid ground.

© Locally Owned Music, Inc. (BMI)

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Carla said...

Great "post-its"! And I needed those lyrics TODAY way more than you know. Love ya!