Diggin' the card experience...

Last post for the evening..the treadmill is calling my name. Mocking me, really...but that's another post.

I made cards last night/this morning while cropping with friends. We had a great time (I think) and I actually made some progress on my cards. Finished up this morning. (Thanks Carla for finding the's perfect!)

Here's the Green/Yellow Version:

and here's the Pink/Green Version:

Patterned Paper is by Flair Designs
Stamps are by La Pluma


TracieClaiborne said...

Precious! Love the quote too!

Carla said...

A good time is always had! You're welcome for the quote and the cards look great!

chris said...

great quote - i especially love the green and pink one! great colors!

and I think oftentimes all manner of exercise equipment mocks me! LOL.