If I Had a Digital Camera...

So, my good friend Heather has been telling me for a while now that I need to take that flying leap and go digital. And my friend Anita. And my friend Julie. And my husband. And…well, you get my drift.


I’m starting to get the picture…err…well, not really. The picture is at the lab being developed. But I am approaching the point of agreement.

After some thought, I think the ability to bypass the Kroger lab would free me up to take more creative (risky) shots. It would release me to experiment more. After all, unlike with a film camera, an experimental shot on a digital requires no commitment. It costs nothing in terms of film. There is no obligation to have it printed; only to find out it is utterly unusable. How freeing that sounds.

So today I made a list of all the things that I would snap a picture of if I had a digital camera (but probably wouldn’t shoot on film). So, you wanna see the list, right?

---My Scrap Space – I would love to share the progress we’ve made on my space, transforming it from 2 closets to the space it is now.

---My neighbor’s flower garden…with permission, of course.

---Food – photos of my favorite recipes to include in my recipe (scrap)book.

---Food – yes, again. This time foods that I have recently discovered and really value…like the Klondike Slim-a-Bear No Sugar Added Ice Cream sandwich. That you really need to see to understand.

---Random artful things, like road signs and logos.

---Myself. I know that sounds weird but I so rarely like the way photos of me turn out that I hate to commit film to something there’s a great chance is going to be discarded. (Please don't anyone tell Angie Pedersen this.)

---Home D├ęcor Accomplishments – Donna Downey’s blog entry has me thinking of ways to include my art in my kitchen. It would be nice to be able to be able to show and tell with ease.

---The ugliest bathroom I have ever visited. Yes, it’s just down my hall but telling you about it is not the same as being able to show you. Trust me. You gotta see it to believe it.

There’s my list. I’m sure I can think of other things.

So, yes, I think a digital camera might be on my horizon.


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