Negativity Fades

OK, I let my passion for the good of this hobby run away with me in the wee hours of the morning. No more blog space devoted to negitivity, okay.

I am in deep like with these stickers:

I don't usually go for too many stickers...but these are so cool. They are made of thick vellum so they have a semi-transparent feel and the colors are vibrant without overpowering. I found them at Michaels while browsing for firetruck stickers. I've used them on a couple different projects today. Here's one, a 6x6 card that used these snappy stickers and a scrap of patterned paper I've been hoarding for too long:

Stickers: Sticko by EK Success
Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterned Paper: Making Memories
Ribbon: Offray
Eyelets: Prym Dritz
Tag: Avery
Safety Pin: Making Memories
Jewelry Tag: Avery
Blue Pen: Zig by EK Success

I have been hoarding all the scraps of that Making Memories striped paper. I love it! It's cardstock weight patterned paper...I love that stuff despite the extra that it costs. That's good stuff!

Speaking of firetrucks, j is coming home from 6 days with Gram and Popa tomorrow. He's ready. Very ready, from the sound of things. I still can't believe how much one person can change the entire dynamic of a household. And how did I not know that?

Minor meltdown this morning...G was sitting at my desk as I worked, puttering around with whatever he could find. He got his hands on a new bag of empty wooden thread spools. Ripped open the bag and was having a delightful time stacking them and knocking the stacks off the desk. All is well until I hear him gagging and sputtering. All I can think is "Oh my goodness...he's swallowed a spool." He sputters for a moment and then starts asking for a drink. He's not choking and he's breathing and talking fine, but there are spools all over the place and I take a long hard look at them. Could he have actually swallowed a wooden spool? Where's that safety gadget thingie when you need it? Those are pretty big. But my boys have always been over-achievers...they get it from their father...Could he?

Frantically, I rummage around for the mangled package. It says there should be 20 spools. I make stacks of spools on the desk, praying that I can locate all 20. Seventeen, eighteen, Of course. There's one missing. By this time there's a small war going on in my soul. Could he have really swallowed a spool? They are kinda big. What happens if he did? I can't know if he did without a trip to the ER because he looks fine and he's breathing fine. Joal's in Bowling Green today. He'll come if I call of course...but what if he rushes home and g didn't swallow a spool after all? Those spools sure are big. He's only 2. I couldn't swallow a spool that size...but then I wouldn't put it in my mouth to begin with.

Maybe I should make one more pass under my desk in hopes of finding #20 before I really panic. A rubber stamp and a sock (ewww)...some paper giblets...and yes, there's spool #20. Thank you, Lord.

Sorry, baby. The spools are going in a drawer. Crisis averted.

In other news, my little birdie friends are gone. "Flew the coop" as it were. I will miss them. I wish I could hang a bird nest vacancy sign out on the tree, in hopes that some other birds would make use of this well-cared-for home in my tree. Maybe someday.

"It was nice knowing you, my little friends. Farewell and be safe.
Thank you for enriching our lives with your beauty."


TracieClaiborne said...

Oh my word - I was just sure while reading that he had swallowed the spool. Thank God for finding #20! Whew!

Anonymous said...

I'm SO relieved that you found #20!!!!!! Holy cow.


Lisa Sigler