You there...with the Ballerina Photos! Yeah, you...

I have a request. I need to scrap some photos of a ballerina(s). If you have 2-3 good shots of tutu-clad ballerina(s) that would look spactacular on a pink and black based layout with touches of me. Photos can be color or black & white. I'll either pay for you to reprint them and mail them to me...or if you have the capability, you can email the high-res images and I'll get them printed myself.

Notice. This LO will be displayed on the internet and will be submitted to magazines for possible publication. You will be given credit for the photos by name. I will send you the actual layout when I am done with it.


And in other news...if you are a mother of a boy (at least one...more is fine too), you m-u-s-t go read Becky's Blog. It's hilariously normal boy stuff. No sap. No fluff. Just scrappin' boys! (pun intended)


TracieClaiborne said...

Does it matter if it's a little girl or a big girl? My friend has some - Jennifer Webb. Let me know if you still need them and don't care if the girl is teen-age.

Katrina said...

I can likely drag out some pics - my DD danced for 8 years. I'll email them to you tonight. Are b&w pics okay? I'm thinking that you'll really want to convert to b&w for the color scheme that you mentioned.

BeckyD said...

LOL Thanks for the blog advertisment. hee hee
Nope, you aren't going to get much fluff from me.

I'm going to bookmark your blog so I can come back later when I have more time to read.