Ads - the good and the "what were they thinking"...

Advertisements get my attention.
Always have.
Especially print ads.

I am especially drawn to scrapbook supply ads (I know, you are shocked!) this one from KI Memories, in the front of PaperKuts. Message received loud and clear! It's all about the ribbon! Very cool ribbon.

However, this pseudo-ad in CK for Heidi Swapp's book on handwriting left a little to be desired, in my opinion. The page shown is stunningly beautiful! There's no surprise there. Heidi's work is known far and wide for being unique and artistic. She does have an amazing way with writing.

But the ad copy...what were they thinking??

In case you can't read the short paragraph to the right of the layout, here's the first line of the text:

"To help journaling show up clearly, use dark inks instead of light colors."

Um. OK. Thanks for that enlightenment. Is this really what should be classified as a "new idea"?

I'm looking at the layout and I can easily think of several other handwriting tips that this layout could have been used to illustrate...all much more informative and usful than "use dark inks".

I really like Heidi Swapp's work and her ideas and I know that this in no way reflects on the quality of the book she's written...but I think CK dropped the ball on this one.

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TracieClaiborne said...

You are so funny! I thought the exact same thing when I read that. It was like - "well duh!" And that KI Ad - Yum!