Scissors, scissors and more scissors...and other tidbits!!

Does anyone know anything about scissor sharpening? Where does one go to get it done? What kinds of scissors can be shapened? What does it cost? Does sharpening eliminate nicks and gouges in the blades?

J did some re-organizing today and found (and combined into one box) all my pairs of scissors. All 12 pairs. Yes. I have 12 pairs of scissors. Is that unusual? Apparently my honey thinks so. But not so unusual when you consider that I used to teach classes at the scrapbook store and often provided scissors for students to least that's what I use as an excuse.

The truth is I have a certain affection for scissors, especially can never have too many pairs of Fiskars. One for ribbon. One for paper. One for intricated cutting. Several for Julian. One ragged pair for clipping wire and things. Kitchen scissors. Flower scissors. A couple of decorative edge scissors that rarely get used. A pair of scissors just for cutting rubber stamps. Spring-lodaded. Soft-Grip. Ergonomically-Designed. Non-stick. Small. Large. Left-Handers. You name it...I've probably got it.

Weird. I know.

And, in other news...early reports from CHA at 2Peas indicate that American Crafts and at elast a couple other companies have finally seen the 8.5x11 light and will soon be offering fashionable albums in this size. Do the dance of joy with me!! Options are always a good thing!!

Have a happy weekend!

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Anonymous said...

I own a mobile sharpening business. Just about any type of scissor can be sharpened. Sharpening will take out nick and gourges.
You can try the yellow pages for a local sharpener or even ask the person who cuts your hair. They are the majority of my business.
Cost can be anywhere from $3.00 and up.Hope this helped. Here is my web site fir more infor if needed.