Real People, Real Scrapbooks

“Scrapbooking has really taken off.”

“Why yes it has. Just yesterday, I was watching Food TV and Paula Deen said she’s into scrapbooking. Isn’t that cool?”

“Really? I just love her.”

“I bet her scrapbooks are amazing.”

“Yep. Seems like scrapbooking is the next big celebrity thing. Vannah White, Leeza Gibbons, Lisa Welchel, LeeAnn Womack . Oh and Faith Hill is a stamper.”


Question: Why do we find it so reassuring that a few celebrities scrapbook too? Are we really this desperate for someone to validate our hobby? Puh-leeze.

Even Tom Bergeron recognizes the popularity of scrapbooking and celebrities: Go here to read about it.

Sorry. I’m not impressed. So a few of Hollywood’s A-list people are scrapbooking. Does that make me more “normal” or more “A-list”.

No. I think it makes them more “normal”.

Everyone has a story to tell. I know - I keep preaching this, sometimes even to the choir. But it's true. Where would we be without the stories of our past? This is history, lived out everyday, being recorded for the future.

I'm glad that there are people in Hollywood who value the stories of their familes enough to preserve them in a scrapbook. And I'm always glad to find other people (of any sort) scrap their stories. However, celebrity stories are no more valuable than the stories of everyday people. I guess it kinda bugs me that we make such a big deal about a "celebrity" scrapper.

Life is rich.
No matter who you are.

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TracieClaiborne said...

I totally agree! I think it is nice to know that someone I like, like Leann Womack, scrapbooks but it doesn't change my world. I've never understood the obsession with celebrities anyway. Maybe living in Nashville makes it seems normal!