Hello Scrapworks!! Hello Scenic Route!!

Everyone's talking about the product previews flowing from last weeks included. I admit it. I've looked. I've drooled and I've lamented that it will be months before we actually get our hands on any of it. Scrapbook companies are such merciless teases.

Anyway. After all this "window shopping" I have two companies that I am officially stalking for paper:

Scrapworks for these papers:

Both are from the Ethan Kate line, part of which was featured on Ali Edwards blog. (Gosh! I hope they paid her for that advertising!) It seems the whole line is somewhat fashion inspired and I would love to see the complete looked like a merchandiser's heaven from Ali's photo.

And I can't locate the photos of the new items from Scenic Route...but they are equally delicious. I will be waiting with baited breath for them too.

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TracieClaiborne said...

Sarah - I don't know if you'll see this since it's an older comment but we just ordered those Scrapworks papers. All except the "leafy" looking one. I'll try to remember to tell you when they come in!