Random Tidbits of Knowledge from a Nine Year Old Boy

Try these genuine pearls of wisdom on for size:

“Peppers make you strong.”
This was a brotherly piece of advice from J to G during lunch.

“Mommy, you look really handsome in that new shirt.”

(Well, um, thank you, I think.)

“Would you like me to make you a cocktail, Mommy?”
This was asked nonchalantly at breakfast. No, my son is not serving mixed alcoholic beverages at breakfast. According to his explanation, (after I asked "Where in the heck did you learn about cocktails?") while watching $40 a Day with Rachael Ray at Gramma’s, he learned how to make a “fabulous cocktail”…basically, it’s a cold glass of juice or orange drink with a cluster of grapes hanging off the rim. He has offered everyone cocktails lately, including G! I just can’t wait till he goes to Gramma’s to share this tidbit with her.

“Math makes my head hurt.”
Now there’s something I can completely understand! Math makes my head hurt too.

“God makes it rain so the birds can have a bath.”
More brotherly wisdom shared with G.

“My underware was on backwards all day and I didn’t even notice.”
How on earth does one not notice this?? Boys!!

“Gra-----y, don’t touch my hair. You’ll mess it up!”
(Julian has a number two, military-style buzz cut all over his head. It’s utterly impossible to mess up.)

And my favorite thing he's done lately shows just what a generous little heart he can have. "Can we mail this to Debbie?" he asked first thing this morning. Into my hand he thrust a mangled gift bag, tied up and knotted "boy style" with an unmatching ribbon. The gift bag was practically bursting at it's seams. "What is it?" I asked, with some trepidation. "It's a goodie bag for Aunt Debbie at camp." My sister Deb is working for the summer at a campground. Lately, we’ve been assembling and sending her care packages. Sure enough, he’d generously packed the following items into a care package:

a Rescue Hero
a can of Diet Orange Sunkist
a fireman book
a roll of tape
a snack bar
a bowl of grapes
and a picture of himself at age 3.

Somehow I think “Uncle Debbie” would be totally impressed.

Life with a nine-year-old is always interesting...that's for sure. Especially this one. :)


TracieClaiborne said...

Precious! My child always want to send/make something for people too. I love it! Great stories.

kellicrowe said...

so i just found your blog
a mommy to boys who is funny
(is there an option about the funny if you have boys?)
what a delightful blog you have here
can't wait to come back and look around
LOVE the kids quotes
my fave thing to scrapbook is kid quotes
and LOVE the care package
really, what more does unlce debbie need?