The Joy of Java...and Music

My husband is a Starbucks aficionado. Which is a nice way of saying...he's addicted. Seriously. Here's the proof:

--The proximity to at least one Starbucks location was a consideration in our house purchase. Think I'm joking? No way. Not in the least.

--He can spot the green logo about as well as I can spot a scrapbook store.

--He starts each workday at our local Starbucks and the word "usual" is almost always involved in his order. He also ends many workdays there. It's a great place to do his paperwork and de-compress before coming home. So yeah, that would be twice a day.

--We lovingly refer to Starbucks as "his office".

--He has a favorite table there. It's by the window.

--People have asked him if he works there.

--G is 2.5 and has a vocabulary of about 30 distinguishable words, including the phrase "Bucks Daddy". Loosly interpretted, this means "Daddy, are we going to Starbucks and can I have a scone?"

Yes, he's got a thing for Seattle's finest.

While enjoying the atmosphere (mainly the quiet) he's learned quite a bit about the business of coffee. He's also learned a bit about the music industry inside Starbucks. Imagine that! For instance, did you know that BeBe Winans released an album around Christmas called "My Christams Prayer" and it was available exclusively at Starbucks? Thru the Christmas season, the album sold 97,000 copies. That's pretty amazing.

GO HERE to read about the deal!

Our local Starbuck is also an interesting place to people watch. Apparently quite a few famous folks have a jive with the juice too.

I confess to enjoying a bit of Starbucks on my own now and again. Not often. Maybe once a month. While J drinks coffee, I'm prefer the coffee-wannabe drinks.In other words, I like a little coffee taste with my flavorings and fluff! My drink of choice is a Lite Caramel Frappaccino. It's cold and smoothe and indulgently yummy without being really bad for ya.

Speaking of bad for ya... I was happy to find this nutritional reference on their website. Warning: this chart can really rain on the parade of your enjoyment if you aren't careful. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

Come to think of it, Starbucks is quite a retail establishment. Beyond the fancy drinks, there's coffee, coffee accoutrements, gifts, food, games, music, books, art...what's next? Scrapbook supplies? Hey. Come to think of it, Starbucks does utilize some pretty cool graphics in their decor and packaging. Perhaps they should consider a snappy line of scrapping supplies.

How cool would that be?


Sabrina said...


I know you aren't into CC, but I have a Starbucks one, the one that I buy all of my scrap stuff with. Anyway, I get a % back in Starbucks cash, cool huh.

Hope said...

Man, I wish that my DH loved to go to Starbucks! I think that that would be the perfect date. I can drag him to B & N once and a while. :) That would get kind of expensive though. I told DH that the day I can go get one or two lattes a day, I'll know we've "made it"! (Love the comment up above)