It was a very good day!

Summer Saturdays are my favorite day of the week.

J is home and always doing something. Ju and I only do an abreviated bit of school work, usually a little math and alot of art. (Art makes me very popular.) The boys are happy to have Daddy around to putter with. We usually do utterly normal stuff like go to the grocery, Home Depot (what weekend would be complete without a trip to Home Depot, rigth?) the post office, once in a while Target, the used CD store and maybe out to eat. J has a growing affinity for household he replaced two door knobs and the defective light fixtures in my scrap space. (Insert the Tim Taylor growl here.)

I think it's less about what we *do* and more about doing it *together*.

J and I are very different. After 13 years of marriage, I'm comfortable with our differences, for the most part. He's an earthquake...I'm more like a gentle breeze. He goes to the grocery and shops circles around me. He generally walks ten paces ahead of me...and no, it's not some submissive wife thing...I just tend to mosey, while he sprints. He's goal-oriented. I'm all about the moment right now. He gets juiced about a little confrontation. I avoid confrontation at all costs. He has facial hair...I hope I never have facial hair! (Just had to make sure you were paying attention.) I think these are the things that make us good together. He speeds me up when I need it. I slow him down when he needs it (and sometimes when he doesn't.) We've worked thru much of the conflicts that married people face and now, like old married people, we pretty much get along. I'm thinking that makes for a pretty peaceful, wonderful life...especially on days like today.

Ju and I did take a little field trip over to The Paper Moon for some stamping supplies. I was on the hunt for a refill for my trusty Nick Bantock's Van Dyke Brown...which PM doesn't keep in stock but can order, just in case you were wondering. :) Ju loves to stamp and I love that he loves it. He picked out some paper and stickers. I fondled the ribbons. Bought a few. Three. When did pink and brown become my favorite color combination?? Anyway, I'm in the process of amping up my ink pad collection, so I picked up a couple while we were there. One is a mini Vivid! inkpad made by Clearsnap. I was surprised that the actual pad is not the traditional felt. It's more spongey and soft. Very juicy. Wonder what that stuff is? I'll have to work with it before I know for sure if I like it.

Anyway, I'm still looking for the VDB re-inker...but we had a great time at the Paper Moon. Ju was well-behaved and I enjoy that he's interested in the art of stamping. It makes him think and ask questions.

Also on the stamping front, I made my first original stamp last night. Out of extra-thick fun foam, no less. I drew and cut a large floppy Daisy and a leaf. This is really cool. I'll post my projects as soon as the paint drys.

The boys are in bed now. (There's something to be happy about!)

So, that was my Summer Saturday. It was a very good day.

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