We Did It!

The surprise was achieved perfectly...he had no idea. It was a spendid moment.

Joal has worked for this company since 1998, when he graduated college. In an age where the average person stays with a company only 2.5 years, it's a rare thing to find a company that you can really stick with long-term--but he has.

We’ve had many conversations about doing something you love and something worth doing…and we are blessed that Joal is able to do both in this work.

National Write Your Congressman was founded by David N. Adamson--a man of great faith and great character, more than 50 years ago. He believed that America would be made even greater if more of her citizens would choose to be involved in her government. NWYC is an organization that makes it possible for the everyday citizen to make his or her voice heard on the issues he or she cares about. Their motto is God, Family, Country and they take it very seriously.

David N. Adamson has passed on but the company which is now his legacy is continuing his work under the strong leadership of his son and his grandson and many of his family members. The David N. Adamson Founder’s Award is the company’s highest award and it’s given to the salesperson who demonstrates the qualities that Mr. Adamson was known for-- It’s is not an award for production or sales, but a recognition of character and faithfulness to the work.

Almost 2 weeks ago, Randy called me to tell me that Joal was going to be receiving this award at the regional meeting in Atlanta. He knew I would want to be there but hadn’t previously been planning to come to this meeting. That’s when the secret-keeping started. I was so happy for him and could not tell him why. It made me a little nuts.

I called my mom to see if she could come over to look after the boys so I could go. It took some maneuvering, but she and Dad were able to come on Friday and stay until Sunday. I am so grateful. I could not have gone without their help on the boy-front.

Joal left for the meeting on Thursday morning not knowing I would bethere on Saturday. In fact, in previous years there was an awards banquet on Saturday night and he even mentioned that this year there wasn't going to be an awards dinner. They had decided to go casual for the evening meal and play WhirleyBall instead.

With the childcare issue addressed, Randy sent me a ticket to fly down to Atlanta on Saturday morning for the awards presentation on Saturday afternoon. I love to fly and it was the perfect day for flying. The blue skies in Nashville were so clear I think I could see Atlanta as soon as we were airborne. Atlanta is only a 40 minute flight so we were up and down very quickly.

Later in the afternoon, I was standing just outside the door or the meeting room when the awards presentations were being made. It's alwayys a touching time when the accomplishments of the sales force is recognized and this one was no different. The Founder's Award was the last to be given out. Only 3 people in the room knew about it beforehand...well, 3 inside and me outside the door. :)

Joal said later that when Randy started talking about the meaning of the Founder's Award, he started mentally clicking off who in the room could be a candidate. In the space of just a few seconds he thought of one possibility (knowing there were several previous winners in the room) and thought to himself, "It couldn't be me. I haven't been around long enough."

He was sitting in the back of the room, so he saw me as soon as I walked in the door, at the same moment as Randy called his name. I've never seen my husband that overwhelmed. It was a sweet moment.

There's a great deal of respect and affection between Randy and Joal and both got a little teary. After some photos and the opening of the actual award (the silver eagle sculpture seen above) he calmed a little and got in control of his voice. He said something brilliant...but unfortunately, neither of us can remember what it was. LOL! The moment was just a little overwhelming for us both.

It was a very special day. Joal's not usually impressed by awards and trophies but I think this was different because it's a recognition based on who he is by charachter and the way he works, not a measure of his success as a salesman. Sometimes being a salesman can be irritating, difficult and discouraging. It's good to be noticed as one who works thru that and helps others to do the same. It's a compliment. A very high compliment.

We drove back on Sunday morning. The boys had a great time with Nana and Pawpaw (of course). The boys wrangled them into a trip to Home Depot (that I think my dad barely survived--it's been a while since he contained little boys) and then they had lunch on the tailgate of Dad'struck. My boys love "tailgating". My mom left a huge bowl of cole slaw in my refrigerator that I am trying to make last as long as possible. Ahhh...what bliss.

What is it with long posts lately?? Sorry about that...someday I'll get back to scrapbooking.

Happy Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad!

TracieClaiborne said...

Wow - that is incredible!!! What a great story - you will scrapbook it right? Congrats Joal!!!!

april said...

that's AWESOME! Congrats to you both!

Shanna C said...

I'm delighted for both of you and especially for Joal! That's a terrific honor and speaks very highly of his work ethic and integrity. It also demonstrates your character, too, Sarah, as a supportive and devoted wife. I think women sometimes tend to forget how important it is to our men to have our support and affirmation.

Thanks for showing us the beautiful sculpture!