Some kids idolize rock stars or superstar athletes.
Some kids are fans of race car drivers, actors or characters.
Some kids get a thrill out of playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians.

Not my kids.
No way.

My boys have a special affection for 4 guys who’s names you probably won’t even recognize.

Kevin O’Connor
Tom Silva
Richard Trethewey
Roger Cook

Do you know these guys?
I admit it…I didn’t until the boys found a new favorite tv show--Ask This Old House on WNPT, Nashville‘s Public Television station.

Yesterday, I overheard a conversation:
Jules: “I’m gonna be Richard Trethewey. Who are you gonna be?”
Grey: “Me Roger Cook”.
Jules: “I’m gonna drive the pick up truck.”
Grey: “Go to Mini-appowis.”

I couldn’t help but laugh. How many three-year-olds know anything about Minneapolis? I’m not sure what the target demographic for the show is, but they have captured the three to ten market in my house!

My DVR is now filled with the many incarnations of this show. This Old House, This Old House Classic, Inside This Old House, Ask This Old House, This Old House Hour…

Boys. They sure do spice up my life.

In other news, I recently discovered another use for google. Besides being the most useful search engine on the face of the planet it’s also a good spell checker. Type in your word or phrase and *poof* google will ask you “Did you mean…?” and fill in the space with the correctly spelled word. It’s not a perfect system but it generally works and only take a second. Speedy intuitive spell check. I like that.

Happy Sunday!!

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Stacie said...

Hi! I somehow stumbled onto your blog from another blog someone sent to me from 2Peas (what a rambling kind of link, eh?) This post is hysterical! I know who those guys are :-) We have two boys, ages 4 and 7, and we've just now started the "I wanna be..." stuff after the Olympics brought Shawn "The Flying Tomato" White and Tony Benshoff (U.S. Luge) to the top of the super cool list for our boys. No home improvement celebs yet, unfortunately :-)