2Peas Challenge and Some Pink Sweetness and the Cruise Album

Todays 2Peas Challenge is to Complete these statements:

1. My current favorite song: I love lots of stuff...I can never pick just one.

2. The last book I read: Seasons of a Mother's Heart by Sally Clarkson

3. What I'm wearing right now: pajamas because it's almost midnight and I'm about to go to bed

4. The last cd I bought: Bon Jovi--Have a Nice Day and Creed Greatest Hits

5. The last gift I bought for someone: was an mp3 player just for me! I went today and purchased it because Friday is my birthday. I am one happy chick too. It's just what I wanted. Having cranked up music in my ears makes walking the treadmill so much more tolerable!

In other news...a friend of mine recently had a new baby girl. Consequently, on Monday I spent way too long drooling over the little girl clothes in search of something perfectly pink and girly for her. Girl clothes...I love my boys but shopping for their clothes isn't nearly as much fun as shopping in the girl clothes. There's a severe lack of pink in my any excuse to enjoy the frills is good enough for me. I'm so happy for them!

When I saw these two onesie outfits and their matching pants (not pictured) complete with ruffles on the backside, I just couldn't help myself. There is no other time in life when a girl can get away with wearing ruffles on her touche and not be commiting a major fashion "don't"...

The cruise album is coming along, but I'm not going to be able to finish before Joal's meeting. There's just too much to do in it. Luckily, he can share it at the meeting in September. I really like how it's coming along tho. Here's a little piece of it. I have looked at every cruise stamp or embellishment I can find but nothing was "right" to go with my "Color Me Silly--Believe" Basic Grey I had to get creative. (At least for me, this is creative...I'm usually a buy-it-pre-made-girl.)

I was looking for some clip art for another project in the MS Windows files and came across this little cruise ship on waves. It was originally a square image but I made it round. I knew I wanted something that would go into the Quickutz tag-rim to resemble the look of a small round porthole window. The colors of this clip art match the BG perfectly. I resized and duplicated the image about 40 times and then printed it onto white Bazzill for texture. I used the Quickutz tag die to cut out the images and then overlayed the black rim. Added the brad and poof...embellishment. (Yes, I impressed myself.) There's one of these tags on each two page spread.

I completed about a dozen tags before I realized that I should have cut a piece of transparency to go on top of the image and under the rim to look like the glass. Wish I had thought of that a litle earlier.

It's time to go. Today has started out with a bang...there's gum in the dryer. Wonder who did that?? I have to go to the library for new books and deliver my honey to the airport this afternoon...lots to do.

Happy Thursday!!


*Kristal* said...

Happy (early) Birthday!! Toot for you to treat yourself. I agree about the songs, I can't ever pick just one, love all kinds. BTW, love the shirt :0)

smkh1117 said...

Rock on! I think it's awesome when we buy presents for ourselves. Enjoy and Happy Birthday!

Tonia said...

Happy Birthday Sarah! Enjoy your special day. Also, love the cruise ship tag.