God Speed Little Brother

The upper photo is my little brother when he was actually little in 1988. In the lower photo of all of us he's on the right end. (My sister is holding my youngest son.)

Funny how he's wearing cammos in the top "Christmas" photo.
And now he's going in the Army.

See that hair. It's wildly curly and thick. It's red. Redder than red. Flaming red. And he has the personality to match. Firey, sweet, big-hearted, risk-taker, thrill-lover, stubborn, rule-breaker...Andy.

Army Andy.

God be with you, my little brother.
I'm proud of you and I love you.
Even tho this makes me cry for a million reasons, I know it's what you want and I am happy for you.

I love you.


Stephanie said...

I'll pray for Andy's safety and for you to have peace with his decision to enlist.

I grew up in a military family during the Vietnam era. Everyone I knew was somehow military related. They had parents in the military and brothers and sisters entering the military. AND there was the draft....I remember the feeling everytime someone I knew had their number drawn. I remember my Dad's ship being stationed off the coast of Vietnam and wondering if they would get bombed and praying that he would get to come home.

I understand your feeling.

Sarah said...

Thank you.