It's Monday. I used an M's coupon to buy new scissors today. The boys had managed to cut pipe cleaners with each and every pair of scissors which basically destroys the smooth cut. Makes cutting ribbon next to impossible. So I procured a nice shiney new pair of Fiskars and they are h-i-d-d-e-n. I would tell you where but then I might have to do away with you. LOL!

It was a good mail day. I received a disk of photos collected from three different people on our cruise, basically doubling the photos selection for my cruise album. I am working on it right now, hoping to be finished by Thursday.

Also received a paper order from Cropoholics. If you need an online scrapbook store, I highly recommend Cropoholics. Great place with fast shipping.

Got a letter from my sister...wait no that wasn't a letter. A letter would have made me happy. :) This was a sock chain thing that I think I have to send other people socks for...why, I have no idea? Deb. Do I look like I have time to be shipping socks around the world?? (kidding.) Don't worry...I'm just annoyed because it came without a real letter. You know...handwritten...catches me up on the life of my favorite sister. You made me think I was in for a treat...and bam! Nothing! Gee. Thanks.

Cathy Z book in my hands, getting well-loved. The woman has amazing gifts. The things she does with ordinary words and a computer. So real and so casual. Simple does not equal fast, beginner or basic. Simple is a style statement. Simple=streamlined, low-cal, minimalist, proportional. Don't forget that.

New adventures in technology today. I *need* to have this little (9x9) cruise album done before Thursday for Joal to show it at his next meeting. (His request.) So the disk of new photos arrived today and there were some that I wanted to get printed right away. You know I think Winkflash is *the best* but it takes a few days. So, I remembered seeing an add for the WalGreens photo lab for 20 FREE 4x6 prints with your first order. Went to and sure enough...I uploaded the ones I needed to the website and placed the order. I selected to pick them up at a Walgreens in my neighborhood...and within 20 minutes, I received an email saying my order of 24 photos was ready to be picked up. I paid 88 cents for 24 photos!! They look really good. I prefer matte finish and that wasn't an option but I'll live. They offer cool border options I might play with later. Nifty huh.

Happy Monday, everyone.


Christy B said...

Hey Sarah, I'm so jealous, I'm still working on my cruise album from the cruise we took 3 yrs ago!!! It is a 12x12 and I have been waiting for page refills, but 3 yrs ago, come on! AND, I'm not starting our Disney album till I finish this trip. But isn't having a completed album a great feeling? Hey, I think that might be a blog topic!


Shanna C said...

Sarah, thank you for the info on the Basic Grey newsletter! I enjoyed "thumbing" through them today.

Still praying for Andy. Hope all is going well.