This and That

Several tidbits tonight...

I noticed today there have been some changes in the direction of what was once Simply Southern Scrapbook Convention. Location (it's moved to Cool Springs), date (moved to the fall), focus (less on scrapbooking, more towards paper arts) event name (like they need another name change)'s all very confusing, if you ask me.

I have mentioned before that I have taken a magazine-sabattical. I let all my magazine subscriptions but Scrapbooks etc run out and did not renew. I always buy Simple Scrapbooks at M's...but that's it. I haven't looked at the others for over a year. There was a time when I had way too many magazines and it just got overwhelming. Anyway, I was checking out the convention site for the upcoming CK Convention in Nashville and happened to see the cover of the May 06 issue of Creating Keepsakes. It made me want it. Honestly, it's the best cover since forever. The cover work is done by Susan Neal and it is awesome. Great colors. Well-designed, beautiful layout that could and should be scrap-lifted as soon as possible.

On a totally separate issue, I love good home-made salsa. Seriously. Love it. I make it pretty regularly and it's one of the few things that I really like to eat when I make it. But occasionally, given the price of winter tomatoes, I don't want to spend the money to make an entire bowl. (Good salsa can get pricey.) So, occasionally I try out one of the pre-made, almost-fresh salsas offered in the fancy foods refrigerator case at Publix. I'm usually disappointed, although I will admit to being really picky. I'm not into huge chucks. I like an almost smooth salsa. However, not too long ago, I discovered an excellent fresh salsa from a small maker in Georgia that is outstanding. It's called Salsa Ya'll and it comes in a small square container. There are a couple different heat levels available. I try to get the mild one but the hots not too hot. The best's made with cilantro. Now in my near-expert salsa opinion, salsa should never be made without cilantro. It's just wrong. For $2.99, I can have an excellent salsa with cilantro already made. How cool is that? Check it out.

Back to the CK issue...this was definately a great issus. It was great to see Ali's honesty, some older people pictures, some non-caucasian faces, and lots of multi-photos layouts. (Don't get me started on that one...) On the ad-watch--I definately want to checkout some of that Bo-Bunny stuff. How pretty! And the Doodlebug ad totally rocked. Paper Salon...oh wow. Now that is some super creative packaging. Genius. Colorbok...I need that blue suede album. NEED! Now I know why avoiding magazines is a good thing. LOL!

I think I missed the boat on the fresh face layout featured. Don't get me wrong--It's an excellently-designed LO but why is the photo black and white when the point of the LO is the little girl's favorite color? That one just totally left me. I was struck by just how many of the layouts in this issue are very Jenni-ish. Random...slightly off-kilter...artistic...sentimental. I love that. Whatever you do, don't miss the Mellette layout on the back page. It totally rocks. Stunning, as usual.

I recently ran across the gallery of an awesome pea-- *Celeste*. Check it out...she's bold and spicy!

Well, that's all for now. Little Big Town is playing Jay Leno tonight and I want to watch them. I've met their drummer. :)


Sabrina said...

I haven't gotten my May CK yet, it was lase March before I got my April issue.

Salsa, at Publix in the organic area, I buy the Green Mtn. Gringo brand.

Michele said...

Thanks for the salsa recommendation - I absolutely can't stand salsa without cilantro either!

I've also let my CK subscription (it was my only subscription other than my CM consultant's copy of CM's mag Lasting Moments) lapse as well.

I got overwhelmed too and so much of the product just now looks so similar to me.