Happiness in a Bowl

Pink ribbons!

Why do I buy pink ribbons? The liklihood of using them on a LO of my own is very miniscule.

But you know what.

I buy them because I love to look at them.

I may be surrounded on every side with boyhood but I love pink.

Pink and chocolate brown.

Pink and white.

Pink and green.

The world--my world needs more pink. blissful bowl of pink ribbons!

Happy Friday.

And for my friends who are celebrating this the most holy week, Happy blessed Easter. He is Risen!!


BonnieRose said...

No need to justify your actions.
You like pink.
That bowl of strands makes you happy.
enough said.
Sit back and enjoy.. and yes, Happy Easter to you as well. hugs,

Holle said...

I love ribbon too. You can use the pink ribbon on birthday cards and girlfriend pages. You are so clever and resourceful that you will find a use. I understand completely the thrill of buying items for inspiration, joy, and just because. Enjoy!
Happy Easter to you too!