In Music News...

Little Big Town played Jay Leno Monday was rockin', of course. Backing the band was our friend Steve Dale on bass, the great (a legendary songwriter and producer) Wayne Kirkpatrick on guitar and a guy we've met from church--Andy Hubbard on drums.

Phil Vassar has a new album coming out in a few days. I am a total PV fan. The man can definately write a song but when you look in his eyes and see him perform you k-n-o-w he's one of those guys who never quits. He has lots of potential to be a "bad boy" but he's so not one. He sings with such every part of him is right there singing for all he's worth. I love that. He's a master songwriter who understands the craft and can be really country or really rockin'. Since I go both ways--enjoying country and rock n roll--I like that.

This new album looks to be unique in that it's a collection of the hits he has recorded personally *and* the hits that he has written that have been recorded by other people. Can't wait to get it! "American Child" and "Just Another Day in Paradise" are among my all-times favorite songs. Like I said...Phil Vassar Rocks! and his arms. ...

Finally, I happened to catch a late night playing of the Video to John Corbett's new release on CMT and was wowed! Yeah...who knew? John Corbett...the guy from Big Fat Greek Wedding, SATC, Northern Exposure...he's a musician now. I'm liking his sound...and hating his side-burns. Oh well. Dude...razors are cheap. He's playing Fan Fair this year in Nashville...might have to check that out.

So, now you know.


Anonymous said...

When I was in college at Western Ky - we used to drive down to a pizza place a little south of downtown (i have no idea where - i never actually drove it). Phil Vassar used to play the piano and sing there. He was great - more rock than country actually although I remember him playing "I'm alright" which he sold to a female country music person. I have been a fan and have quietly watched his career ever since. He had a lot of energy live and a lot of charisma! just an all round fun kinda guy!

Anonymous said...

Man, that is one ugly band!! And what's with the pictures on the top of his website?! Fun post.

Christy B said...

I'm not a HUGE PV fan, but man, that album cover rocks... he's hot! :-)!!!