The blog assignment for the day from 2Peas is to write about your dream vacation.

My dream vacation involves one word: beach.

Almost any beach will do.
Although I've always wanted to explore the Outter Banks of NC.
And travel up the eastern seaboard.
Just give me time on the beach.
Alone, with DH.

Speaking of vacations.
We'll be cruising again in February 2007!
How's that for something to look forward to for a long time?


Shanna C said...

Lucky, lucky girl to have a cruise to look forward to!

I love beaches, too. Our favorite is a quiet family area, Edisto Island, S.C. No commercial junk, no long lines of traffic, no crowds on the beach. Just small groups of families enjoying time away from the noise of everyday life.

Responding to your earlier post on why we scrapbook, I do it for the old-fashioned reason of keeping my memories and photos stored away for future generations. I'm not very artsy although I do try to make a nice page. I encourage friends to scrapbook for the same reasons.

BonnieRose said...

I agree.. quality time with the one you love.. nothing better. I am way too excited about our trip this May...!! see my blog.. can't wait... and omg.. your cruise.. lucky you!-