Computers...Can't Live with 'em...Can't Beat 'em with a Bat!

After all the mischief my last computer put me thru, I really thought I had earned a pass on computer problems for oh say the rest of my natural days....but apparently I was mistaken.

I've loaded several new things on my *new* computer organization tools, fonts, camera gear, photo editing tools, mp3 stuff, song files, etc. Surely, my new computer for which I paid $$$ for... with every gadget known to man could handle a few drivers, right.


Somewhere in the downloading of new stuff, my sound card disappeared.


What's that line in the Montgomery Gentry song? I digress.

So, in an effort to get the sound card to reappear (because I can not compute without music) I had to do a mini-reformat and re-install every (*&^ driver. Remember that hair I used to have...well, I have a lot less of it now!! of the devil, I tell ya...sent to test your charachter when you can stand it least.

But I won. I have music and I can scan at the same time. HA! Take that!!

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