Blame it on the Shirt

I crossed over into a new level of dedicated scrapbooker today. See this shirt? It's the culprit.

Yes, I purchased this shirt for Grey for one reason.

I have paper that matches it perfectly.

At least it was "on sale".

But chances are great that I would have paid full price if it hadn't been.

Because I have paper that matches it perfectly.


Sabrina said...

Sarah, I'm guilty of that too! The proof is in this layout.
I bought the clothes knowing that it would match the MM paper.

Tonia said...

Sarah, please share with us your completed layout using the matching shirt and paper. I believe that is very common among us scrappers. Always finding inspiration in everyday items. Also, how is the cruise album coming along?

Laura said...

LOL of course you would have paid full price - it's what we scrappers do. Love the shirt!

smkh1117 said...

You are not alone. I bought 2 of them! one for each of my boys and took family pics in them because I knew it would make a great page! LOL! We rock!

Anonymous said...

which makes me think, maybe I should go get 3...or 4 (do they have adult sizes?)


Sarah said...

Heather--didn't notice adult sizes but I wasn't looking so maybe. I was at the new Target in your neighborhood and they did have quite a few in varying boys sizes! I can't help but think that multiple boys in matching shirts with said paper would be even more spactacular!! Go for it!

Mimi said...

Bwahahaahahaha! That's too funny. A true scrapbooker.