2Peas Pick One Challenge

chocolate or vanilla? ---yes, please!
sandals or barefoot? ---shoes...
basic grey or scenic route? ---picking one would be like picking one of my children!!
primas or HS flowers? them!
computer journaling or handwritten? ---there's a time and place for both...but mostly computer
Madonna or Gwen Stefani? ---neither, sorry
Leno or Conan? ---Leno (Conan is dumb)
Koolaid or Crystal Lite? ---Crystal sugar.
American Idol or Amazing Race? ---neither
cat-lover or dog-lover? ---if I have to chose one, it would be dog-lover, but not intensely

I'm adding to the challenge...

hotel or camping? ---Hotel...with room service please!
SUV or Mini Van? ---Jeep!!
candles or baskets? ---baskets...filled with candles!
bottled water or tap? ---bottled
beach or mountains? ---beach
CK or MM? ---CK
letter stickers or letter stamps? ---lately, letter stickers!
love or money? ---love!


shirley said...

100% in agreement with your add on list especially hotel over camping he he, with spa services too!!

t.hatcher said...

I love the list -- how fun! It's neat to find out quirky little things about people you know. I don't agree 100% of the time with you, but we have a lot of answers in common. Take care!


dynamomomof2 said...

I am so with you on the baskets filled with candles - love them!!

BonnieRose said...

love your post.. and I am with u, definitely love over money.. for sure!

ejmom said...

I love your additions! I totally agree about the hotel. And well, all the rest too!

ti said...

love the basic grey scenic route comment and the additions I'm such a hotel girl too!