Boys--6 Mom--0

Ever feel like you can't win? Gosh, once in a while my boys just run me ragged. Super parent, I am not, but I generally manage to outlast, outwit and outsmart a 3 year old and a ten year old.

Not today.

Today I am the fire-putter-outer. I can't actually get anything accomplished because I am running around putting out all these tiny little fires that they keep creating. I got one bathroom cleaned up (my Mom is coming afterall) only to find that G made a huge mess in the other one with his toothpaste.

Julian's bed is made after three tries, but G's closet is a disaster.

I ran the dishwasher at 2:15 am, thinking I could put them away when I got up. No such luck. The soap clumped in the dispenser and didn't get used in the wash cycle. So the dishes are gross and have to be run again.

Julian lost a tooth last night and G busted a lip. Julian has a bruise under one eye from a sinus problem he's been having. They look like battle children. Not to mention G took a writing pen to his legs last night. Purple ink. Lovely, dear.

My car needs to be vacuumed but the yard needs attention more. Why has it taken 2 years for us to get the fort painted?

Just one of those days...can't seem to catch up.

On the bright side, I did make one crock pot of chicken veggie soup that turned out good. I think I need a larger crock pot tho. The peas didn't fit. The boys woke up smelling it through the house this morning...and wanted some so badly that I let them have small bowls of soup for breakfast. Funny. That may be the healthiest breakfast they've had recently. We usually do oatmeal or cereal.

Well, I'm rambling. Joal just called. His first presentation this morning went really well. He said he wished I was there. HeHeeeHeee. This time tomorrow I will be there!!

I checked and there's a scrapbook stores about two miles from the hotel. How lucky is that??

Gotta run. The car alarm is going off. Funny. He was supposed to be taking out the trash. I bet the neighbors talk about us.

Happy Friday.

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Stephanie said...

Sarah - I hope you keep a copy of your own blogging. Some day (and it will go soooo quickly) the boys will be grown and you can amuse yourself by reading about these times and laugh and remember fondly. Also, it would be interesting reading for your boys when they grow up too. It would probably be a real insight into who their mom really is and how much you loved and cared for them and their dad. Maybe in your Book of Me?
Just remember for days like this - "this too shall pass!" It's my motto and it gotten me through lots of these days!