G is THREE!!

We celebrated his birthday today with a trip to TCBY even tho technically speaking, he's been 3 since Wednesday. We couldn't celebrate without Daddy (and Daddy was not in town on Wednesday) so as far as G knows, today is his birthday.

Sneaky Momma.

We began discussing this birthday ice cream trip yesterday and when G heard about it, he got really excited, and then immediately really serious. In the serious tone, he informed me--"I don't want cwumbs in me ice cweam."

"Um. OK. No crumbs."

After some thinking about what he ment...cause I had no idea what he was referring to...I finally realized that his last bowl of yogurt had pecans. He doesn't like nuts and he ate around them, leaving them in his bowl.


Didn't you know?


Happy Birthday G-man!! We love ya, little guy.

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Shanna C said...

He looks very happy - I guess he didn't have any crumbs in his ice cream! Three is such a fun age. Enjoy the next year with your little guy...