Good News

The visit to the new pediatrician went extreamly well and I am very pleased. It occured to me while talking to the nurse that G has never had a sick-baby visit to the doctor. He had all his well-baby visits (the last one was just before his second birthday) but he's never been sick. What a blessing that is!

But, alas, the streak is broken. Today he has 2 infected ears. Joy.

He's napping now and I'm actually working on some scrapbooking before I have to clean up. Joal will fly in around 9. I've missed him severely this time but I am glad it worked out that he was gone while the boy was ill. The nights have been rough--G's been up and down many times each night--and since Joal wasn't here it was easier to not have to worry about bothering him too much. He's a very shallow sleeper and usually wakes up before I do when one of the boys stirs. I can go slow or even catch a nap in the afternoons if I have to be up during the night...but he doesn't have that option.

In other news, the bracelets for the Tennscrapbooking group just arrived. I have to get those out. They are pretty cool. (I have extra if you still want one.)

Happy Wednesday!!

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