What to say...

I love scrapbooking and I am particularly fond of the explosion of growth the industry has seen in the past decade. I love the countless stories of scrapbook-lovin' women who have made their way sucessfully in this business. I admire the guts it takes.

That said...someone should really define the term "over-exposure" to the Primedia folks. This (in my not so humble opinion) is taking things a bit far. What else will they think to smack Lisa Bearnson's photo onto next? Teeth whitener? Hairbrushes? And if Lisa jumps off a cliff, I guess we're all supposed to follow too, huh.

I wouldn't enjoy my Basic Grey purchases nearly so much if I was going into debt for them. Sorry. That would just steal some of the joy. Most. OK, most all.

And how many threads at 2Peas have been filed under the topic of "How do you hide your scrap and stamp purchases from your husband?" Doesn't a credit card with an itemized statement kindof make hiding purchases a little difficult?

I suppose I'll bebanned from scrapbooking circles soon. I've now committed both the "unpardonable sins"--I've let my subscription to CK lapse and I refuse to carry a Basic Grey credit card. Yep. Banned for sure...but I'm ok with that.


Tonia said...

Join the club! There are more of us "non-CK subscribers" out there than one might think. Also, the whole credit card issue is just so sad.


Shanna C said...

I've never really enjoyed CK, although I pick them up at the library and flip through them once in a while.

The credit card ad featuring Lisa was news to me. I'm sorry to see that - I think it may pull more scrapbookers into the lure of spending and then getting caught in the debt trap. Scrapbooking purchases were a big part of the debt I incurred on my Visa card - and I'm still trying to get out from under that burden. My advice to everyone is "pay it in cash!"