It's 1:35 AM and I can't sleep.

I rarely go to bed before 2 AM but tonight (or rather this morning) I am partcularly hyped up for some reason and I can't sleep. No sense in laying in bed when I can come downstairs and mess around on the computer...uploading photos, answering emails, and of course, blogging a bit.

And (insert drum roll) I'm organizing my scrap space. (It is in a purpetual state of needing work.)

I'm not posting the "before" way. You'd all be very disappointed in me. However, tomorrow (or rather later today) when the sun is up, I will post the "after" photos.

Have some mercy on me and be suitably impressed. (Sometimes a girl needs a little validation ya know.)


I'm establishing a "FREE" box for items to be given away (ya'll should come over) and a "SALE" box for items to be sold. Both are sizable.

I'm thinking of re-painting my inset wall (coughcoughJoal'sgonnashootmecoughcough)--it should have been white, not blue. I think.

Have to mull on that idea.

Happy Thursday. Joal's staying home today...we're going to McAlister's for lunch!! Good day ahead!!

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TracieClaiborne said...

So if you go to bed at 2, when do you get up? I've been staying up too late and it's making me ill all the time. Just wondering how you do it.

Now get those pics up!