Could 2 People be any More Different?

Ever have one of those days (or nights) when you look at the person you are married to and think "what were we thinking?" and "could 2 people be any more different than we are?"

I love that man...I truly do...
sometimes I marvel that we have survived the past 15 years.

It truly is amazing. Miraculous.

Just today our multitude of differences bubbled forth...

He got up at 7 am to go get coffee...I slept until 9.
I can't live without my computer/internet...he can barely check his own email without assistance.
He's been reading the same big book since Christmas. I've read 4 books this week.
He always gets his books back to the library on time. I like to think that my sizable overdue book fines go to support the library.
He uses Sweet n Lo. I use Equal.
He's happy to go to bed at dark. I would love to go to bed at sunrise.
He hates anything tuna casserole or tettrizinni. I love creamy foods.
He has horrible handwriting. I don't.
He can remember peoples names for decades. I can not.
He plays 3 instruments. I play the radio.
He wanted us to get a massage on the beach in Mexico. I don't like strange people in my personal space.
His closet is a bastion of organization. Mine is volcanic.
He likes the sheets tucked under the end of the mattress. I do not.
He's right-handed. I am left-handed.

It never ends.
I guess Paula was right.
"Opposites Attract".

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Bonzairn said...

sounds like my marriage - opposites attract and balance us out right!