7 Things that Make Me feel Snappy

Life is found in the details.
I'm so not a detail person.
Well, on most things anyway.
But I want to here's my "Details of Life" post for the day.

7 Things That Make Me Feel Snappy

1--clean sheets and clean comforter on my sharply made bed
2--clean empty recycling bins in my closet
3--organized photos
4--all the library books in one place on the stairs
5--magazines organized in order in their boxes
6--all the plastics in my kitchen arranged neatly and all the lids accessable.
7--the cardstock arranged by color-logic

So what makes you feel like you've got it under control??

Happy Wednesday.

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Shanna C said...

Hmmmm...these make my day a little brighter:

1 - a completely checked-off To Do List; absolutely satisfying
2 - a neatly made bed; yep, I'm with you on that one
3 - vacuumed carpets
4 - no clutter in the living room; I can live with dust for an eternity but clutter drives me wild
5 - no dishes in the sink; clutter, again
6 - my office desk cleared of files before I go home (well, that would be clutter)
7 - a finished scrapbook; it may be weeks till I get it done, with pictures and supplies laying around for what seems like forever, but ahhhhhh the joy of knowing all those photos and memories are safely tucked away in the scrapbook cabinet! Okay, that's my one exception to clutter, BUT -- my scraproom has a door, and it closes when I don't want to look at the mess.

How you can stay up so late and chase two little boys all day long??