Let the Scrapbooking Begin!!!

My cruise photos arrived from Winkflash today and all I can say is "Heather was right!" My friend Heather turned me on to and I am seriously impressed with this service. They have super fast turn-around time and very high quality, and of course, excellent pricing. I wanted to have them all printed in the 5x7 size. To do that at Wal-Greens costs $1.99 for each print. Winkflash offers 5x7's for 29 cents each. Happy as a clam, I am.

Happy Tuesday.


Debby said...

I've been checking this out online, as well as a couple other suggestions I've had. I'm especially impressed with the prices, they seem to be one of the lowest - especially with their shipping charges deal of .99 regardless of the number of prints. But I also want really great quality prints. Are you really happy with the prints themselves and the quality of them?
Thanks for your opinion!

Sarah said...

I prefer matte finish prints with a white border and WF offers both. (No extra charge.) I am sincerely satisfied with the prints. There's a chart on their website that tells you what size to make your image (minimums and recommendeds) for the best results. I used their recs and am very happy. My next project is to do some oversized ones. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Shanna C said...

I appreciate your sharing new stuff with us, Sarah. Hadn't heard of Winkflash before, so I'll check out their services. Thanks!

Christy B said...

I love Winkflash also. We had all our Disney pictures developed by WF. All 500 + of them! Cost me a fraction of what I'd pay someplace else. I also got some 5x7's and they are great!!! And loved that I got 500 pictures for .99 shipping!

Anonymous said...

So glad they worked for you! I just got some 8x10s done in B&W by them, and they're amazing! Debby, I'm seriously picky about quality, and I was happier with my last prints from winkflash than I was with a couple I got done at Wolf, if you can believe it. How they can be the best AND have the best prices AND be so fast is beyond me.