2Peas Challenge--10 Things

Today's 2Peas Challenge is to list 10 Things Guaranteed to Put Me in a Good Mood! Here's my little list of 12 because I can never stop at ten of anything:

1-Ice cold Dr Pepper in the morning first thing--love the burn. (Most of the time I settle for Diet Dr Pepper tho.)

2-Watching my boys swing in the backyard...we waited so long for a back still makes me cry happy tears to see them swinging. (I'm a total sap, I know.)

3-A letter from my mom or my sister.

4-Good shoes...must be cute and comfortable.

5-Music I can groove to--generally something that rocks.

6-Joal having an excellent day at work.

7-Scrap night!! My friends come over and we party until dawn...err...well, at least midnight.

8-Pretty things--ribbon, a great photo, patterned paper (I'm about to dive into some Basic Grey that is making me really happy), Bazzill, fabric, furniture.

9-Freshly vacuumed carpet. I love it when it's clean. Probably because it only stays that way for about 3.2 seconds in my house.

10-Sonic Ice.

11-Children being adopted. (more on that later)

12-Julian, my 10 year old son, reading.

You don't have to be a pea to make a list of your own. Let's see your list.


Shannon Schafer said...

Great list! :) I so understand your #9...same thing happens soon as I vacuum it is messed up right behind me!

SuzieG said...

LOL at your No. 9! Exactly the same here! Great list. Terri

~**Dawn**~ said...

great list! i did mine in my own blog. =)

Shanna said...

Checkin' your blog today for results of yesterday's doctor appointment - sounds like all went well - Praises to the Lord for answered prayers!

Hmmm, 10 things guaranteed to put me in a good mood...clean kitchen counter (no crumbs, no dishes); ditto for clean carpets; flowers (any kind); chocolate (M&M's or Godiva, makes no difference to me!); a to-do list that's checked off completely; scrapbooking; spending time with my kids; reading a good book; lovely spring weather; having supper in a really nice restaurant (that's a treat for me). There's more, but I stopped at 10.

Maggie said...

Great list.
Have a great weekend

Missy said...

Yay for good shoes, that makes me happy, too.