Fried Pies Rule in Georgia

NPR's All Things Considered is something I love and hate. Sometimes their liberal bias makes me a little ill and twisted but sometimes they run the coolest humanitarian stories.


If you want to feel good, have a nice little laugh and be a witness to the way the government is supposed to run, be sure to listen to the story that ran yesterday about Mrs. Willie Watts' Fried Pies in Georgia. You can just tell...that is a picture of southern woman gentility. Polite, using her gifts for her family, meeting needs of those around her as best she can, praying God's blessing on those who caused her setback. I'm betting she's a powerhouse of a peach!

Seriously, this is sweet. Almost as sweet as the topic.

Have you really lived a full life if you haven't experienced a fried peach pie?
I just don't think so.

My first thought when I heard this story yesterday afternoon was "pies over politics". That's apparently the key to get things moving on along in the Georgia legislature...bribe them with fried pies.

Wonder if that would work in Tennessee??

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Stephanie said...

Just listened - what a great story. Thanks!
Also, just wanted you to know, I married my best friend. We were friends for a long time before we became romantic. Everyday is a joy for us. Yesterday, when I got home from the office, I walked in the back door and there were the dogs wagging their tails and as I walked into the kitchen, there was hubby shaking his backside just like the dogs! The man does make me laugh! He is my treasure!