My Moma's Coming

My Moma is coming on Friday!

I am so excited...I haven't seen her since Christmas. Dad's coming too (not that I forgot that)...I haven't seen him since Thanksgiving. It's killing me not to tell the boys that Nana and PawPaw are coming to visit but Julian can not keep a secret for three seconds. It's just not in him to shut his mouth no matter how important you tell him it I have to wait.

When my mom comes, she cooks my favorite foods.
I have her recipes but it's not the same.
I can not execute Mom's signature dishes.
I rarely even try anymore.
I just wait and enjoy them blissfully when she's around.

Not that I put her to work when she's here. You have to for my mom is like breathing. She just does it.

So, tonight I purchased the ingredients for her cole slaw. My mom makes the most wonderful cole slaw...I'm somewhat of a cole slaw perfectionist. I love to try different styles and different mixtures but they are all measured against my Mom's Cole Slaw. And every one comes up lacking.

Nothing compares to Mom's cooking.
It's just food done right.

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Debby said...

I'm so glad for you! Is this the secret you are having to keep from Joal?! I too get to see my Mom and Dad Saturday afternoon (CST - it will actually be early Sunday morning already where we are meeting up) and we will spend 2 weeks together! Have a grand time and I'll see you when I return - with lots of pics of course!