2Peas Challenge--Snack Foods

My favorite snack foods:
1--apple slices
2--frozen yogurt with granola
4--bagel chips and tuna salad
5--peanut butter on crackers


BonnieRose said...

Sarah, your snacks are way too healthy!!! Live a little.. lol just kidding.... you're eating smart!

Shanna C said...

What??? No chocolate???!!

I'm with you on peanut butter & crackers and popcorn. And they're easy to keep in my desk at the office for snacks & not too messy.

Enjoy your day!

Debby said...

I've never been a real big snacker, but I need to get back to the South Beach lifestyle and when I do that my favorite snacks are:
1. string cheese
2. pistachio nuts
3. celery sticks
4. grape tomatoes
5. the flavored cremes made w/ricotta

Hoping to start this weekend!

ejmom said...

Wow! That's some healthy ones. My are NOT! I'm a junk food kind of gal.

Sarah said...

For the record, these are not the snacks I *really* love, they are the snacks that I am content to love most of the time, in order to live with diabetes. Moderation and I don't get along so I try to avoid my old snacking ways completely.