2Peas Meme - Scary Movies

Well, I should probably just skip this one because I don’t intentionally watch scary gore movies. There’s just no appeal there to me. I don’t like to be disturbed by things I watch on the big screen without a cause. Of all the movies that I’ve ever watched, there are only two that I found very disturbing…disturbing on a deep level…deeper than any superfluous blood, guts and gore could ever descend to.

The first is Shindler’s List.

I know people find it odd that this movie messed me up but it did. Perhaps it’s not really the story of the movie that bothers me so much but the immeasurable evil of the holocaust as a whole. I know evil exists and I am educated as to the basic events of the transgressions of the holocaust. I believe it to be a scourge on the history of humanity (all humanity) and I think it’s wrong to take it in the light of entertainment. To me, this movie feels wrong.

Yes, I know that Shindler’s story is one of redemption and of one man’s course of actions affecting almost 1100 other lives…but I can’t get past the backdrop of sheer evil.

Collateral Damage

On a slightly lesser note, there’s a scene in Collateral Damage where one of the bad guys is tortured brutally with a poisonous snake…that’s all I’m going to say about that…I can’t even describe it…it still makes me feel sick. I’m very much against the idea of snakes. They seriously creep me out beyond words. Since that scene I've taken to the idea that movies containing snakes should come with their own special warning label.

You think I'm joking?

So, there you have it. My twist on what scares me movie-wise.

Happy Halloween

Danger! Danger! Fonts Ahead!


Love fonts.
True Type is my friend.
I remember the first time I discovered a free font site...I stayed up all night downloading hundreds of fonts. A few days later I realized that was a huge waste of space on my computer so I deleted 99% of them and kept the ones I knew I would use. I know people who have amassed collections of thousands...right Anita?!

I have 172 and they are all well loved.

Yesterday, I discovered Font Garden. Beware. Font Garden has excellent handwriting fonts but they cost a couple dollars each. I've never purchased fonts--that is until last night when I spent $12.50 and got 5 w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l handwriting fonts. A couple are pretty close to my own handwriting. How coool is that?

For my free fonts, I usually ckeck Angie Pedersen's One Scrappy Site first. She keeps a good check on the hot scrapbooking fonts and her site is easy to use. I really like that she arranges them by name as well as by which magazine they were used in. So if you see a font in the Hall of Fame book, you can check out the list of fonts used in the Hall of Fame book on her site, rather than sort thru hundreds.

If Angie doesn't have it, I usually just google the name or ask at 2Peas. Many sites offer free fonts and fonts for purchase.


Card--Let it snow!

I *had* to use my Staples treasure--the snowflake brads on my card swap for the LP girls this month. The patterned paper is from KI. That's the Noted Lowercase Alphabet from recent favorite. I'm loving silver ink these days too.

In other news, I have spent several hours lately updating the store list for Middle TN. Many many changes and improvements have been made. Check it out at The Scrapbook Channel. The other two lists will be updated shortly and I am hoping to add photos ASAP as well.

Happy Friday!!

I Forgot Our Anniversary

Dang it. I just realized I forgot our anniversay. Our homeschooling anniversary, that is. October 16 marked the end of our first year as a home schooling family. One whole year. What an eye-opening year it was too.

It wasn't a perfect year, but it certainly had some perfect moments. It wasn't easy on any of us but it is worth what it takes. At time we question the wisdom of this decision. But it is working. We are (with God's grace and provision) working it out together.

I'll never be a traditional teacher.
He'll never be a traditional student.
I guess that means we're a good match, right.


Remember that Luggage...

Remember that lime green luggage that Leigh Ann and Anita and I saw a preview of at SBAM in Knoxville?? Guess what? I found it on the MM site. Isn't it hot?

Pumpkins...I Love Pumpkins...Lotsa and Lotsa Pumpkins...

Aren't these the cutest?? How much cuter would they be with a pretty fallish/pumpkin-ish patterned paper and ribbons??


{Sad} Moments Defined

Someone should really tell the women (supposedly) of Moments Defined to find some new male material...because apparently they've made some really poor choices in the man department. At least that's what this ad leads me to think. It sure doesn't make me want to buy their paper.

I've seen this ad in several scrapbook mags lately and it bugs me to no end. It's sexist. It's depressing. It's degrading. And most of all, it has nothing to do with the products.

You know I adore paper. I go to great lengths for paper acquisitions. :) It occupies a large part of my home. I value paper.

But not ever above my man.
No way, no how.

Paper has never kissed me back.
It's never hugged me when I hurt or brought me flowers for no reason.
It has never written me a song.
It's never brought me dinner in bed when I was sick.
It doesn't help with the laundry.
It doesn't mow the grass or fill the gas tank on my car.
It doesn't wrestle in the floor with my sons.
It doesn't play guitar or sing.
Paper doesn't smell deliscious after a shower.
Paper doesn't soothe my soul.
Paper doesn't pick up the dry cleaning.
It doesn't enjoy sharing a bowl of popcorn and a good movie with me.
It doesn't push stray strands of hair away from my face.
It has never once said "I love you" or "I'm sorry".
Paper doesn't cheer for the Titans on tv and it doesn't go camping with my cub scout.
Paper doesn't look good in a pair of ripped up jeans.

Shall I stop there?? I could go on ya know...

Would we stand for a company to make similar blatant generalizations and degrading stereotypes about womanhood? Absolutely not. No way no how. I can guarantee you the peas would have had them for lunch and dinner.

So why is there no outrage about this ad? (Well, ya know, besides me?) I wish I had an answer. I don't. I find it more than a little annoying and I have no plans to buy paper from Moments Defined...even tho perhaps they could use it on therapy.


Make Way for Crafty Woman

During most of the year, I am a woman deeply committed to just one hobby. Scrapbooking. You know this. For three seasons of the year, rarely does a day go by that I don't do something scrap-related...sometimes alot of somethings. However, when fall hits, my alter ego bubbles to the surface again. Her name--Crafty Woman. I think there may be something in the air...a love of flea markets and craft shows leftover from my childhood, the smell of pine shavings from my father's funiture making shop...magazines packed with holiday craft project ideas gracing the newstands at the grocery. It all just brings her back from her tri-season hibernation.

Crafty Woman is drawn to painting and baking and sewing and kids crafts and ornament making and card making and any of a hundred other crafty things. She scours Michaels website and craft magazines and home dec idea books for new ideas for incorporating craftyness into her holidays. She's driven. :)

She arrived on the scene today...when she saw a photo of this Stocking Advent Calendar at , an upscale toy catalog. "How neat is that? And how easy it would be to make!" The thought buzzed right thru her brain before she even realized. You know...those are the immortal words of Crafty Woman..."How easy it would be to make that!"

It took Crafty Woman all of three seconds to track down and print out a darling little pattern for a stocking, find some cording in the Christmas decorations. CW's stockings are going to be made of muslin and I think Crafty Woman's kids will l-o-v-e stamping on them with paint! Crafty Woman loves to get the kids involved!!

So, she's back with a vengence. Marauding thru the aisles of the craft stores in search of that perfect next project. Making sketches...tracking down directions...plotting and planning. Buying paints and felts and threads and fabrics and silk garlands and ribbons...beware. It could be catching!!!

Happy Tuesday!!


Ding Ding Ding...We Have a Winner...

Peas. Can't live with 'em...can't smack 'em. There ought to be some kind of award for the most closed-minded pea. Today it could be awarded to the peas who seem to have forgotten that scrapbooking is a personal art and there's more than one way to do it.

I guess I don't understand why there's such an "us or them" mentality in the scrapbooking world...

--Events versus moments.
--People who use 10 pictures on a spread versus people who prefer 1 or 2 on a page.
--Scrappers who enjoy close-up photos versus those with mostly snapshots.
--Those who like enlargements versus those who only use 4x6 prints.
--Black and White vs color.
--Staplers vs non-staplers.
--CM vs the rest of scrap-dom.
--Creative versus self-declared non-creative.
--Digi versus paper.
--Digi versus film.
--Journaled versus un-journaled...or worse, single word journaled.
--Top-loading versus strap-hinge.
--8.5x11 versus 12x12.
--Eyelets versus brads.
--Computer-generated journaling versus hand-written journaling.
--Those who scrap for the noble cause of documenting for the future versus those who just enjoy playing with paper and pictures and basically ignore future generations.
--Bazzil versus cardstock
--Layouts about children versus child-free LOs.
--Stampin' Up! versus Close to my Heart.
--Matte versus Glossy.
--Documentarian versus whatever the opposite of documentarian is.

Why can't we be OK with all our options? Options are a beautiful thing, right? If options weren't a beutiful thing Bazzill wouldn't go to the trouble of creating 300 colors of cardstock. Ten colors would do, right? (gag, cough, choke, can't breathe...give me Bazzil or give me...)

Someone should remind the peas who've forgotten that there is more than one way to scrapbook. It's an imprecise, forgiving, personal art. Hence, the word "scrap". You don't have to personally adore or want to scraplift every LO ever created and published in a magazine. I doubt anyone does. Not every LO is going to strike your fancy. Why can't you still be respectful? Obviously someone likes it. Why can't you be OK with that? No one is asking you to do it in your books...just respect it. Take what you see in a magazine and let it be a place to start. Let it point you in a new direction. Expand your ...ok, now I'm starting to sound silly...but really.

Dissect. Discern. Duplicate. Discard.

Here's my four "D" plan...a mental process for getting useful ideas from *any* magazine or layout:

1. Dissect the elements of the LO. Consider the individual elements without the context of the whole.
2. Discern what appeals to you.
3. Duplicate that.
4. Discard the rest.

Scrappers are a creative bunch. You'd think we could all get out of the proverbial box long enough to appreciate each other for our uniqueness rather than expecting world-wide uniformity. Scrapbooking is one of the few places where we don't have to play by the rules. Let's enjoy that for a change. Shall we?


It's a Great Day to be Alive...

to borrow a sentiment from Travis Trit...Things just feel right to me today. That doesn't happen very often so I try to enjoy it when it does.

--I love fall and the leaves started turning this week in our neighborhood. I'm dragging the family out for photos in the park leaves later today.

--My in-laws came by yesterday afternoon on their way home from PA and we went out for dinner to my favorite resaurant (Jim n Nicks BBQ). They stayed over and went to church with us this morning. I always enjoy seeing them and the boys adore them. We will miss them...they are moving to PA in a week or so. This will take them from being 6 hours away to being 13 hours away.

--Speaking of church, it was my day to help out in G's Sunday School class. I don't usually look forward to it (12-15 two and three year olds is a little too chaotic for my comfort level) but today went well. G had a nice time and got along well with the other children. One of the little girls--Emma--wasn't so happy to be there so I spent a good portion of the class holding her in my lap. She was sweet and cuddly...I get that so rarely now...I think I enjoyed it as much as she did. Pink smocking fascinates me.

--Joal's begun working on his Christmas music for this year's *Christmas Experience* events. I probably won't get to attend any of his shows this year and I will miss it. He's including a LeAnn Rimes tune "I Need You" in this set...I was a little surprised by the irony of *my husband* singing a LeAnn Rimes tune...that's not usually his style but this song is incredible. It was part of the sountrack of music from *Jesus* the epic mini-series. I would like to get him to lay down a rough track of that one...

--My little sister is on my mind alot lately. I say "little" out of habit but she's not little anymore. She's 17 and beautiful. She's learning to drive and going on dates. I'm so proud of her and I miss her so much. I'm hoping she'll be able to come visit soon.

--I started Julian's Fire Fighter adventures album while I was at Croptoberfest. I'm going to work on that more later today. He's so proud of it. I'm taking the minimallist approach--very little embellishing--I'm just enlarging many of the photos. He has pulled it out at least once a day every day since I've been home.

Thanks for sticking with me.


In the Scrap Biz

Have you read Kim Guymon's blog? If you have interests in the business of scrapbooking, I think you'll find it interesting. (Kim is the founder of Scrap Biz, a business incubator and an icon in the industry.)


Wanna Swap??

For several years now I have wanted to have a special Christmas tree decorated with all paper/scrapbook ornaments. This is the year...I am going to do it.

I was thinking of hosting a swap to this end. Let me know if you are interested in joining me.

Paper Christmas Ornament Swap
Due by November 30

Make 6 similar paper based Christmas ornaments...receive back 6 different ones.

--Nothing larger than 5x5.

--Ornaments should be primarily paper...but any of the usual scrapping embellishments are welcome. ie ribbon, beads, brads, tags, eyelets, acrylics, embossing, etc...basically if you can do it in your scrapbook, you can do it here.

--No glass ornaments please.

Sign up by emailing

PS My new issue of PaperKuts came today and inside was a picture that I thought perfectly illustrated this swap. These are just possibilities for may choose to leave a space for photos or not include photos at all. They don't have to be square...could be circular or tags or whatever shape strikes you.

Stampin' Up!

Attn Sabrina, my AOL-user friend! I unpacked today and realized I have your Stampin' Up! catalog. Sorry about that. Well, OK, not really. I've been browsing thru it today and darn catalog should have this many good things in it!

I really need a job!



One of my favorite things about Croptoberfest is participating in the swaps. This year I entered three swaps: a card swap, the ATC swap and the Rolodex/Friendship Page Swap.

This was my first experience with making ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). Random personal pieces of art...can't beat that! It's tradition that we do the Friendship page swap but this was the first year that it was in the form of a Rolodex card. How unique is that? I love the idea. I don't have a Rolodex holder, so I placed hole reinforments over the Rolodex slots and put the collection on binder rings. Click here to see my Rolodex Card entry (front and back) and my ATC entry. (I forgot to scan the card I entered in the card swap.)

It was fun.

What Not to Wear

Have you ever watched the tv show--"What Not to Wear"?

I generally hate television. I don't like to watch it much at all...mostly because I have this nasty habit of eating incessantly whenever I watch tv...and it's easier to not watch than to try to break the habit. (Gee, this is starting to sound like a therapy session. --sorry.)

Anyway, somewhere along the way, I accidentally watched this fashion advice show called "What Not to Wear". Now I find myself strangely drawn to it...and I have no idea why.

This show is so totally not me. I would die before spending $300 on a skirt. There's just no way I could do it. The show gives the makeover recipient a "budget" of $5ooo to spend on a new wardrobe...after the advisors rip to shreds the makeover recipient's current clothing choices. Really. They are brutally honest. Admitantly, some of the clothing choices are pretty I am one to talk. Anyway, they ambush the person who's been nominated by her supposed friends for a makeover and new wardrobe. They wisk her away to New York and educate her on what she should be wearing. Then they send her shopping on the 5K. She gets a new hairdo, new makeup and then goes home for "the big reveal" to her friends and family.

Do you know that a clothing budget of 5K in Nashville TN goes a whole lot further than 5K in New York? Is a $300 skirt really that much better than a $50 skirt? Really? And shoes...are $350 shoes really that much more classy than $40 shoes?? I just don't think so.

I've learned a thing or two by watching the show. Lines, colors, body shaping...but mostly...don't go clothes shopping in New York.

The Gift

It was just barely dark Sunday evening when we got home from the trip but Julian could not wait any longer to show me his latest accomplishment. He learned to ride his bike while I was away!

If you've been hanging around my little blog for a while, you may remember an entry a while back that mentioned what a long hard time we've had getting him to learn to ride a bike. It's been a rough ride, so to speak.

But never underestimate the determination of a nine-year-old and his father. While I was gone, Joal decided that mobility deserved one more really good try. He took Julian to Target and they picked out a brand spanking new bike! They picked out a new helmet and knee pads. Jules was pumped up to say the least. :)

Joal said he fell a few times before he got the hang of the pedal brakes...and Grey got a little smooshed between the car and the brother-on-bike once (G learned that lesson fast)...but otherwise it's smooth flying now.

He loves it! He's a different boy. I know it's cliche' but he really does seem more confident and proud that he's conquered this bike thing. I can't tell you how proud I am. When I saw him take off on that bike, my heart was in my throat. The internal mommy-cheerleader was doing a dance in my head...and chanting "Please don't fall...please don't fall..."

And ya know what??

He didn't.

Had the girls not still been here when he took his ride around the yard to show me, I probably would have cried. I did cry later. It's that big a deal. He climbed the mountain. He stormed the beaches. He didn't quit. He compensated for his shortcomings and now he can fly.

Sometimes being the mommy stinks. And then sometimes it's a gift. Seeing my boy ride his bike around the yard...hearing him laugh and yell "Look mom!"...that was a gift that may never be topped.


Random Observations part 1

On our way over to Croptoberfest, we stopped at Scrapbook Warehouse in Cookeville, TN. What an awesome store! Really. I'm kinda hard to impress...but this store really did it. It's roughly 80 miles from my home but I will be going back. (It's that good.) Very friendly staff. Lots of lines I hadn't seen. Well stocked on the basics. Good prices.

I was finally able to choose an album for Julian's firestation adventures. I have been mulling on this decision for far too long because I really don't like ordering albums before seeing them in person. I have been eyeing the Making Memories 9x9 with the deep-set front window in black, but I could never find it in person. That is until our visit to Scrapbook Warehouse. They had it and refills too. I bought it and even got several pages done in it at Croptoberfest.

We went from Scrapbook Warehouse to Scrapbooks and More in Knoxville. As stores go, SBAM always delivers. Big. Well-stocked. Variety. Friendly. Fun. Awesome! One of the girls there showed us the new lime green baggage from Making Memories (I think) that set to arrive before the end of the year. Oh man. That is so cool. Who knew lime green could be so cool?

SBAM is also the home of one of the first EK Success stores in the country. That is an rocking set-up. EK has really outdone themselves with this concept. It was there that I became the proud new owner of a oversized photo corner punch thing. Again, this is something I have been wanting for a while (thanks to the Pub girls great use of it). I've already used it about 6 times!!

Leigh Ann acquired these cool alpha stamps that I think I may need, especially after seeing her enjoy them on projects thru the weekend. Appropriately named "Swanky"... in the Image Tree line by EK Success. I see many possibilities for these little darlings, especially at the very nice price of $10.

I found another set of stamps at SBAM that I was tempted by...didn't get them but now I wish I had... the Vintage Label set from the EK Nostalgiques/Attic Collection.

After SBAM, we trekked over to AC Moore...only making one wrong-turn. (Sorry ya'll.) Crafter's heaven there. Wow! We used our coupons...of course.

We hit the grocery store and then headed up the mountain.

(to be continued.)

PS I was thrilled to pick up the newest Scrapbooks etc issue after I got home and see that the cover layout featured handwritten journaling! I really love this magazine and this is just one more reason to love it.'s a great thing.

PS again...I had a wonderful time on my weekend away with "the girls" but I got the most wonderful gift upon my arrival home. (Tune in tomorrow to find out what it was.) hee hee...


Thoughts on Art

"Real art is not comfortable. It forces us to stop dead and SEE what we are looking at. It forces us to engage with it, think about it, react to it with our emotions. It catches us with our defenses down and punches us in the gut."

The quote above comes from "New Ways to See" by Marylaine Block. What an interesting article.


Run on Over to Staples...

Don't you love it when you "discover" an unusual or unexpected treasure? I do. It makes my day.

Tonight I stopped in Staples and while looking at the holiday printer stationery I discovered this little unexpected treasure!
Gartner Studios makes a line of holiday stationery with *Add-Ons* for Staples. This is one of the *Add-Ons*--metal snowflake brads!! The bag of 12 costs $3. They are about the size of a silver dollar.

These remind me of one of the metal shapes in the assortment package of shapes by Making Memories...but these are brads (ie much easier to use than things that need eyelets) and you get more of the same style item for less $$.

I a-d-o-r-e snowflakes. I can't wait to use these...I only bought three bags. LOL!

My Good Friend

What a Perfect Weekend

Good friends...a few scrap supplies...a few awesome scrapping stores...a fun yard sale of cheap supplies...great technique min-classes...stunningly beautiful weather...who could ask for a more perfect weekend??

I'm working on photos right now. I'll post some more later.



See that counter in the small collumn of my little blog? It's been there for months and in just a few hours it's finally going to arrive at -0-. Know what that means?

I will be leaving.
Leaving the children with the husband.
Leaving the house and the yard.
Leaving the blog.
Leaving the mail.
Leaving the email.
Leaving the peas.
Leaving the neighbors.
Leaving the city.
Leaving the county.
Leaving the region.
Leaving most of the responsibility...

Going to the mountains--the Great Smoky Mountains in the hills of east Tennessee...the place that some call "God's Country"...a title I am inclined to agree with, especially during this time of the year.

Going away for a few days of recuperations, relaxation, recreation and of course, a little scrapbooking. (Sorry. No "r" word for scrapbooking.) I'm dragging Anita and Leigh Ann with me...if you are on the road between here and there, look for the completely overloaded white Jeep carting three girls who are giddy with the lack of responsibility! That would be us!!

We are meeting 40+ other girls for a weekend in the woods! This is the 7th year of this blissful weekend and it's my fifth to attend. I should be packing and cleaning out the Jeep now (and about 300 other things to do before I can leave) but I am so giddy I can harly figure out what to do next.

I have managed to plan my LP assignments for the next three months and pack kits for each. I have packed kits for about ten pages and 3 sets of swap cards. As unusual as it is for me to actually do something at these events...I am going to get things accomplished at this one. I will. I n-e-e-d to. Cross your fingers for me.

Our plan is to stop at 4 scrapbook stores along the way. It's not a vacation for me if there's no shopping...luckily I am armed with friends who enjoy shopping as well. :)

So...hope everyone has a great weekend. :)


Many More Card

My monthly card for the LP DT swap.

(I am in love with Scenic Route Paper. They sent cool stuff for the team to design with and I couldn't help myself...I had to have more. I am grateful I have access to some wonderful LSS who offer it.)

This is the LP "Noted" lowercase alpha.

The outside message is "Wishing you many...".
The inside message is "many more!".

And my little clay pot...I am loving Fimo! If we ever get a dog, I think we should name him Fimo.

All Night Next Week

This is the quintessential Grey.

Hammer in hand.

Mussed Hair.
Old tennis shoes.

Lately he’s taken to answering everything with one of three favorite phrases.

All night.

Each phrase is used interchangeably and without regard to the question. It makes for a funny little conversation. That is for sure.

Scrap Celeb

There’s an interesting thread over at the veggie garden about the phenomenon of scrapbooking celebrity--people who have become famous in the industry…scrapbookers whose names we all recognize.

Is it silly that the scrapbook community has it’s own celebrities?

No, I don’t think so. I think it’s pretty normal. There are tole painting celebs, floral design celebs, knitting celebs, basketry celebs, photography celebs, cake decorating celebs and remarkable celebrity-like people in every other element of creative arts around. It’s normal. When you excel at what you do, people who share your passion come to admire your work and you.

What’s wrong with that?

There is a very short list of scrapbook “professionals” I deeply admire (and those on the list would probably surprise you). To me, because of their accomplishments and wide-spread acclaim, they are “scrapbook celebrities”. You know who they are. They are the people we refer to by their initials. For the most part they are women who have worked very hard in creating this industry. They have taken risks creatively and some have just been incredibly lucky. They are the faces of scrapbooking because they are authors, teachers, creators and people who have taken their own scrapbooking to the next level.

What’s wrong with that?

I think it’s far more palatable to admire these women for who they are and what they do than many of the other segments of “celebrity” in our society. Those on my list are women who share my passion for paper and photography, family and the written word, women who are generous with their gifts, and who are real. They are talented and creative scrapbookers. I happen to think that makes them worthy of admiration.

Do I get as crazy as a school at her first rock concert in the presence of those I admire?

No. Of course not. Geesh. Have some dignity. I do own a few autographed books by people on my short list but when I got those autographs there was no swooning, no fainting, no hyper giggling. There was no one autographing body parts. At least none that I saw. LOL! It was all very civilized and becoming of adult women. Maybe that’s a personality thing…I’ve never been one to do the whole “rock-star-let-me-bow-down-to-your-greatness” thing. It’s just not me.
I’ve said it many times before. Scrapbooking is a very personal art. By the nature of the art, people who lead this industry, share parts of themselves with the world. Maybe that’s why the admiration runs so deep.


10 Things Learned at The Fire Station

10 Things Learned at The Fire Station:

--Fire Stations in Nashville no longer use the traditional fire pole to slide down...most houses don't even have one because OHSA has declared them dangerous. There's only one fire house in Nashville that still has one and it's only kept for rookies who want to take a slide down the pole. Doesn't that just seem wrong?

--The helmet of a firefighter in Nashville is yellow. Not the traditional red. Red helmets are worn by captains. A chief wears a white helmet.

--Firefighters have to buy their own food/meals while on duty at the firehouse. (With all the excess-ities this town pays for, I think this is just plain wrong.)

--Nashville only has two HAZ-MAT teams.

--Fire Stations are no longer allowed to have dogs.

--A fireman can get dressed into his bunker gear and onto the truck in less than 1 minute. Even with the new zippers. :)

--When opening a fire hydrant, stand on the side of the hydrant that doesn't have any caps. That way, if one pops off under the pressure, you won't loose your knee.

--Yes, there was a fire in the firehouse once. A fireman was cooking breakfast when the alarm sounded. In his haste to leave, he turned the burner control on the stove up instead of off. While the company was answering the call, the kitchen caught fire. A passerby called it in and then broke into the fire house to use a fire extinguisher to put it out. But of course, not before all the engines from neighboring fire houses showed up to help. I got the feeling perhaps it was a sore subject and the cause of much good natured conjecturing amongst the houses. Boys...

--The desire to be a fireman usually starts very young and never goes away.

--Firemen are very special people. But we already knew that.

It Official! I am an Adult.

I know...surprise.

I am an Adult.

Wanna know how I know?

The Devendorf Family Christmas is going to be at my house this year. All of Joal's family--parents, brother's family and sister's family are coming to our house for Christmas. This is a first.

We've always gone to his parents...wherever they were, that's where we had Christmas.

I won't know what to do since we won't be spending 800 miles (round trip) in the car during the holidays. A holiday without driving. Whatever will we do with ourselves??

I could so get used to this.

How did this come about? It's kinda funny. Joal's parents are about to be moving to the Philadelphia PA area from their home in Jackson, MS. Thats puts us squarely in the middle and makes a nice meeting point. I can live with that.


2Peas Challenge: Ten Favorite Movie Lines

“When they ask me what I liked best, I’ll tell them it was you.” In City of Angels, Meg Ryan’s character (I can’t remember her name) tells this to Seth as she’s dying. It’s a reference to a place earlier in the movie when he shares with her that when he was an angel and he came to a dying person, he would always ask the person, “What did you like best about living?”

This is a time for serious people, Bob, and your 15 minutes are up. My name is Andrew Shepherd, and I AM the President.” --Michael Douglas in American President

“You make me wanna be a better man.” --Jack Nicholson to Helen Hunt in As Good As It Gets

“Is the world fundamentally a better place because of science and technology? We shop at home, we surf the Web... at the same time, we feel emptier, lonelier and more cut off from each other than at any other time in human history...” --Matthew McConnaughey in Contact

"Face it girls, I'm older and I have more insurance." --Kathy Bates in Fried Green Tomatoes

“Jim Morris, I'm a Texas woman, which means I don't need the help of a man to keep things running.” --Rachel Griffiths in The Rookie

“With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.” --Ed Harris in Apollo 13

“So uh, you, uh, never know... what... what events are to transpire to get you home.” --Tom Hanks in Apollo 13

“Earn this.” --Tom Hanks in Saving Private Ryan

“My great-great-grandmother's portrait hung in the university up until the Revolution. By then, the truth of their romance had been reduced to a simple fairy tale. And, while Cinderella and her prince did live happily ever after, the point, gentlemen, is that they lived.” --Jeanne Moreau in Ever After


Pub Challenge...Sunday Mornings

The Pub Blog Challenge…What’s Your Sunday Morning Like?

Sunday mornings are generally the only day of the week that we have somewhere to be first thing. We go to church most every Sunday. The early service starts at 9:15 am and it takes about 25 or 30 minutes to drive there, so for us, as a family, this is considered an “early start”. Joal usually gets up with the boys and gets them all dressed and they go to Starbucks drive-thru for his morning coffee while I get ready. They pick me up and we go to church.

We enjoy Sundays. It’s intentionally restful and the least structured day of our week. Worship comes first. We love our church. Afterwards, there’s time for rest and recreation. Joal is a football fan so he watches the games. I scrapbook, write or read—or blog, obviously. The boys spend a great deal of time together outside. We eat lunch together and sometimes go for a drive in the afternoon. We take naps and usually do as little as possible. It’s our time to worship, connect spiritually, decompress, recreate with family and breathe deep.

I wouldn’t want to live without our Sundays. It's a peaceful, wonderful way to start the week.

Country Adventures

Happy October, everyone. October is my favorite month. I’m a fall girl. Very nature-rich and harvest-y. I also love sweaters.

It was a day of adventure for Julian and me and I am exhausted.

A month or so ago, there was an article in The Tennessean about Richie McDonald’s birthday present to his wife…her very own scrapbook store on the square in Carthage, TN. Apparently, Lorie and her friends enjoy scrapbooking and were lamenting the lack of a local source for supplies, so the country music star (he’s a member of Lonestar) stepped up. Isn’t that cute? (Someone needs to tell Joal about this in March…my birthday is the end of April.) Ha!

So, since I like to make road trips to see all the scrapbook stores in the area pretty regularly, I decided this morning to take a jaunt over to Carthage and visit “Scrappin’ on Main” for their grand opening. Carthage TN is a classic small town about 40 miles west of Nashville…let’s say it again…it’s a very small town.

I suppose with all the publicity, I expected too much. (Or maybe I am way too spoiled by the positively amazing stores here.) I forgot that not all stores open with ghusto. It was a cute little store. Very neat and easy to find, even though today there was a community festival going on in the town square, so the streets were cordoned off for the festivities. Since I was unfamiliar with the area, J and I parked and decided to just walk around until we found it.

We browsed through the fair-like festivities as we walked around the small town square. It was so nostalgic for me. I grew up in small towns and I’ve attended bunches of these fall festivals and this one was a quaint and home-grown as the ones I remember from my childhood. There were church bazaar items for sale, a bake sale of homemade goods, several bead craft vendors, a quilt booth that I wish I could have raided more than I did, a smattering of home “party sales” companies, a handmade purse vendor and a farmers market selling fresh produce, flowers, gourds and the biggest truckload of pumpkins I have ever seen. Beautiful pumpkins.

There was music…local folks singing their hearts out with every style being represented--from an old guy playing a mandolin to a young woman doing a mighty fine Alicia Keyes song.

Unfortunately, the scrapbook store was a little underwhelming. Maybe I am spoiled…but the aisles were difficult to maneuver, the racking was too tall for the store layout, there were almost no samples on display and the selection of products…odd. There were lines of papers that aren’t even being produced anymore and in odd combinations. It was all very haphazard and eclectic.

I don’t know this to be the case, but it seemed like perhaps most of the stock was bought from another store that had closed and wanted to sell off what they had leftover. There were *no* entire collections of anything. For example, there were 2 styles of the first offering of Heidi Grace paper…no other Heidi Grace items…just two papers from her first line. There was a touch of Karen Foster and a nice selection of Frame Ups from 2002. Mrs. Grossman’s stickers abounded. The die cut wall (all in boxes) was enormous. It was just an odd selection of merchandise to me. It didn’t feel right. Nothing new-ish except the Quickutz and a few JoLees.

It feels bad to raz a new store…I wanted to be impressed but it just didn’t happen.

On the way back westward, we stopped in at The Sassy Scrapper in Lebanon. Big news there—they are moving in a few weeks to expand. That’s a good indicator, I think. Very nice lady working there…that’s always been a cool store. Not nearly enough cardstock but a nice place. I wish it wasn’t sooo far away. I found a stash of Scrapworks papers that I had to have. It’s the pink and brown collection. I had some…used it…wanted more and couldn’t find any. Until today. Finding paper I love - that always makes me happy.

I was on the hunt for more orange grosgrain with white polka dots ribbon for my Croptoberfest ATC swap, so our next stop was Hobby Lobby. No luck with the ribbon, but I found a small wooden dough roller in the Wilton (cake decorating) aisle that I snatched right up. I’ve wanted that double-ended Pampered Chef dough roller forever but the price tag is a little steep at $15 plus tax and shipping. This one only has one roller but I think it will work similarly and was only $5.

We made a few more stops and came home happily tired. It was cool to hang with J without G. J is growing up so much. He’s becoming more observant and I can tell he’s thinking about things more. He’s so much like his father. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting a little glimpse of Joal as a boy when I am with Julian. That’s pretty cool. He was happy to have a little bag of his own stickers (all fire-fighter themed of course) to bring home.

A few days ago I ventured over to the blog of a friend we haven’t seen in a while…Aaron Sands. He’s a musician. He plays regularly with Jars of Clay and is also working with a group called Little Big Town. I heard their song “Boondocks” on the radio on our way home. It’s a snappy song…very singable with catchy lyrics. I like their sound. Kinda fitting for our adventure out today, I thought.

Happy Sunday, ya'll.


Friday Night into Saturday Morning

From Cathy Z's blog:

The good news? Hosting a little crop night this Friday night with some of
my girlfriends. Not that these get-togethers are ever a hotbed of productivity.
But it does make one feel normal for a few hours. Yes, I like paper too.

Has Cathy Z been masquerading as one of my friends from Scrap Night because it sure sounds like she has witnessed our scenario? Or maybe the lack of productivity is just a universal thing with
scrappers. Oh, my, could it be that we really are normal??


Friday night friends
Under the guise of
People who love paper
and ribbon
and scrap gear
good food.

OK, so the truth is I am the only one who rarely does anything.
I prefer to enjoy the company and piddle.

To laugh and listen and be heard.
To catch up.
I can be productive on my own time.
My friends make it fun.

What a lucky girl I am!
(Thanks ya’ll, for coming and for sharing parts of your lives with me.)