When did this happen?

So I'm surfing the net today trying without much luck to see if Karen Glenn (from Simple Scrapbooks) has a blog, when I run across this page: the Simple Studio Blog.

My heart gives a little extra beat when I see the stack of orange ribbons in the banner and the orange mini album.

I had this incredible urge to get up and find some orange stuff to work with.

And then I wondered.
When did *I* become an orange lover?

I used to hate orange.
I'm from Tennessee--the land of "too-dang-much Orange".

Now I look around and suddenly, the last 4 layouts I've done have included orange. I am currently working on a mini-book for Ju and the cover guessed!

Color me baffled!


Leigh Ann said...

I also enjoy scrapping with orange, especially the pumpkin shades, but I don't usually wear the color either.

Debby said...

It must be in the air here! I could have written much the same story... I've never been a very big orange person, but recently I found an orange/blue combo and an orange/teal combo... fell in love and used both! Have a great week!

Mimi said...

The Dawson Basic Grey line really helped me fall in love with orange - a color I have always hated.

I still will never wear it or anything, but it does look good on some of my pages.

Christy B said...
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Christy B said...

YEA orange .... go VOLS!!!! :-)


(by the way, I deleted my previous post ... huge typo!)