Hope for the New Year

This moma doesn't do resolutions...too much past disappointment. However, there are a few things that I have decided to hope for and work for in the new year.

I hope to spend less on food by shopping more wisely. (I really enjoy clipping coupons and shopping smart. I have been lazy in the recent past and not done a good job of it. Believe me when I say I was raised by a woman who was an expert shopping economist and she'd probably smack me if she knew how impulsively I shop sometimes. Deb--don't tell, OK.)

Yesterday Grey (bless his little heart) walked up to me while I was sitting at the computer. I was wearing a shirt with cap sleeves that exposed my upper arms. He patted me on the arm. My arm jiggled. He got the biggest laugh. "You awm is wriggle-ry." he said, continuing to giggle. Mommy was not laughing. I started using the handweights while I walked again today. I hope to continue.

I hope to be on time or even early with every greeting card I send this year. Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. I'm notoriously late. I've done good since September of last year tho...I hope this new trend continues.

The "Project Taylor Guitar" operation has been flowing smoothly. I did buy a few dollars of paper on sale half price at Hobby Lobby last week but with $$$ from some old magazines I sold on ebay...I'm quite proud of this non-spending-use-what-I-have trend and hope to continue it.

In the scrapping area, I am hoping to do a page a week and complete a page a week that I've already started. Total 2 per week. And get the photos I'm not scrapping organized into picture albums. I'm also working on a recipe binder.

(Part two tomorrow...)


TracieClaiborne said...

Hi Sarah! I'm always amazed at how many blog entries I have to catch up on when I check your blog. LOL I need to do so more often but I have the longest list ever.

Thank you for always complimenting the layouts at Scrap It. I was chuckling at your comment about the lady. People do ask the craziest questions, don't they!? I am sad but somehow feel that it's time for us to move on and I'm looking forward to what the future holds for my sweet Annie and Bill.

I hope to see you soon! I love your "hopes" for the new year!

Tonia said...

You have a very nice list of "hopes" for the new year. Here is wishing you a very happy and blessed 2007.