Mourning the loss of a great store today. Scrap It in Hermitage is closing it's doors. I was there earlier and it's almost empty. So sad.

Some lady asked Bill what they were going to do with the art on the walls. For anyone who hasn't visited Scrap It, their walls are covered with trully amazing layouts bysome of the best scrapbookers on the planet. Doris, Tracie, Jenni Bowlin, Renee, Ann, Tammy Graves...and others...all amazingly inspired craftswomen. Artists. And their work is very personalized...not the usual generic made-to-sell-product stuff seen on the walls of many scrapbook stores.

So with this in mind you can (maybe) see why I thought this question odd. "They will go back to their owners" he said. I was tempted to say "duh" (I was in a bad mood). It just struck me as a really weird thing to ask. What else would they do with them? Was she thinking they would sell them to her? Why would she want them anyway? Odd. Just odd.

I hate store closings.
Especially this one.


Mimi said...

I'm so sorry, that is sad.

And that is an odd question.

HolleW said...

I was devastated to learn this news. Bill & Ann are fabulous, and the store closure will be terrible for my scrap friends in TN.