Lobbyists? Are they kidding me?

Are you familiar with S1? Seems there's a provision in the first bill to be considered by the newly-sworn 110th session of the United States Senate that would force all grassroots citizen's groups who encourage their membership to contact their congressional representatives regarding a topic that concerns them to *register* as a congressional lobbyists.


Has anyone in the Senate bothered to pick up a dictionary and look up the meaning of the words "professional lobbyist"?

Apparently not.

There's just so much wrong with this provision. Not only is it a swipe at freedom of speech, it's a blatant disregard for the right of the people of this country to be informed on topics that they deem important and to easily stay informed and in contact with those who are supposed to be representing them in Congress.

Here's my comment to my Senators:

Dear Senator Alexander,

I am very concerned about the lobbying provisions in section 220 of Senate Bill 1, the 'Legislative Transparency and Accountability Act of 2007.' Please support the Bennett amendment to remove section 220 from S. 1.

Private organizations do a much better job than the major media outlets of keeping concerned citizens involved and informed. There is a vast difference between a lobbyist and a group that helps private citizens keep in contact with their elected officials. Organizations should not have to register with Congress in order to ask citizens to contact their elected officials.

Thank you.
Sarah Devendorf
Nashville TN

Feel free to copy it if you agree. Whether you voted for them or not, your Senators are there to represent you. They can only do this if they hear from their citizens aout topics and areas of concern.


Debby said...

Thanks Sarah. I heard most of Focus on the Family yesterday and Dr. Dobson was talking about this with several others and I wanted to send a note, but someone came in before the end of the program and so I missed the info on how to reference it. I just copied your letter and sent it to Senator Alexander online. I appreciate your assistance in my being able to voice my opinion! See you tomorrow night

Dumb Ox said...

You can read more about the impact of this anti-free speech legislation and what you can do at Dumb Ox Daily News...