Things are making me nervous today...the house that backs up to my backyard is on the market and it appears that someone is having it inspected. (Yes, I have binoculars and yes, I watch. After my neighbor was murdered, I think I'm entitled to be a little "Mrs. Kravitz".) It's a nice 4-bedroom brick multi-level home. Finished basement. Excellent backyard and really nice backyard neighbors (LOL!). I'm hoping for good, neat, responsible new neighbors. And selfishly, if this house sells for what they are asking for, my home value will increase as well. It will be a new record high selling price for our neighborhood.

We (me and tha man) leave for Miami 14 days from today. I'm a little nervous. I love to travel but I'm always a little concerned when we fly together, which we will be doing twice, of course.

I haven't heard from my Army brother in almost three weeks. This is the most important and least resolvable issue on my nervous list. When I heard the newscast about that plane that went down earlier this week, I lost my lunch. I vascilate between wanting to smack him and being immeasurably proud of him.

I going to take on a few more commissioned scrapbook projects and I'm a little nervous about clients and where to start. I'm kinda picky about clients.

So tell me, what do you do when you are nervous?


Mimi said...

Being nervous bothers me - I usually try to keep busy until I can get over it, with a good dose of some prayer.

Enjoy your travel and may your brother check in soon.

Debby said...

When I'm nervous, I usually share as prayer requests those things I'm nervous about, with those who are close to me and that I know will pray. Then I pray myself, then I move on to whatever needs to be done and if I'm in a place where I can put on worship music I do some "praising God" while I'm working on whatever is the task of the moment. Just remember that He is in control and He longs to give you blessings "immeasurably more than you could ask or imagine"!

Love you!