Productive Crop Night

Crop night at Scrapn' Memories was so nice and relaxing.

And unusually productive.


Both of these are scrap-lifts. That's my intent for the new year. Scrap-lift. Whyreinvent the wheel?

The "Gram" LO is a lift of Tina Cockburn's "Lucky" (there's a link to her blog in the column on the right) and "Pool Boy" is a lift of Doris Sander's "Remember", although it's a little vague. Shrinking from 12x12 to 8.5x11 made it harder to get it all in there...I'll probably try the scheme again on something else.

In other news, when your LSS doesn't carry a line/manufacturer you really love, do you ask them to consider getting it? I've read so much about how tough it is for LSS to pick and choose what they carry that I almost feel guilty for asking. How do you approach it?

Just wondering.


TracieClaiborne said...

Oooh I love these! I love it when you post layouts. I'm with ya on the scraplifting. That's one of my goals too.

I just scrolled down and found that awesome blog entry about the book "Hissy Fit." Thank you for sharing that delightful passage. I'm going to look this book up. Or check it out. :)

Christy B said...

I think it's okay to ask if they are or aren't planning on carrying a specific line. Play it by ear then depending on the response you get. You know, if only one person asks about it, then there's no reason to carry it. But if several people ask .... you never know!!!