Andromeda and Jesus

I'm a geek.
I know it.
I like Andromeda.
Yes, the tv show that went off the air years ago.
It's in syndication now and I record it and watch it late at night when Joal's traveling.
I've seen every episode at least once.

So I'm wondering.
Has anyone else noticed the correlations between the continuing Andromeda storyline and the story of Christianity?
Surely I can't be the only one to notice this.
Unless I'm the only person left who actually watches Andromeda.

I've googled everything I can think of and can't find any other reference to the correlations--official or otherwise.

Here's my list of similarities:

The Commonwealth has fallen from greatness.
Humanity has fallen from relationship with God.

Dillon Hunt, Captain of the Starship Andromeda Ascendant vows to restore the Commonwealth and all that is good and honorable in the worlds.
Jesus Christ, Son of God, is sent to restore the relationship of humanity to God.

Dillon (although flawed) is the savior of many (cast-offs, slaves, people in danger, opressed, etc).
Jesus Christ, Savior or the world for everyone, but especially cast-offs, slaves, people in danger, the opressed, the down-trodden, etc).

Dillon's crew is a rag-tag bunch who need something to believe in. All have sordid pasts and don't always know how to take Dillon's good heart.
The Disciples were a rag-tag group who needed something to believe in. All had sordid pasts and don't always know how to bear the name of Christ well.

Dillon regularly challenges what is accepted as normal by the various societies that Andromeda encounters.
Christ did the same.

Dillon's home world was destroyed.
Jesus has no home, except in the hearts of men.

(There's more but I have dishes to do.)

There's a cool challenge going on at 2Peas. It's here. Check it out.


Mimi said...

I think SciFi is one of the genres that consistantly explores religious themes in art, so I'm not surprised.

However, I've never seen it. Is that the one with Kevin Sorbo?

Sarah said...

Yes. Kevin Sorbo. Man with long hair. Probably the other reason I like the series.

I forgot to mention that I have read that Gene Roddenberry has said he was an atheist or at least not a believer in God (varying reports) but in each of the series he was a part of there was always a God-figure of some sort.

Mimi said...

I'm not a big Sorbo fan, but he is lovely in the clips I've seen.

I've heard that about Roddenberry as well, but I agree - Star Trek also was one that strongly explores religous themes. Especially DS9.